How A Job Rejection Letter Gave Me The Confidence To Go For My Dreams



You know how when you’re dating, the guy texts you back and immediately you start picturing yourself at the alter? Apparently that’s normal. I don’t do that with relationships, I do that with jobs. Before Career Girl Daily, when I applied for jobs almost every hour, I would get ahead of myself. I would apply, get an interview, and then run away with my imagination into a place where I got the job, owned the job, got promoted, lived the dream, and then never had to apply for another job again.

Which meant rejection stung. Almost as much as a breakup. In my mind palace, I was a great employee. How could they not give me a chance? Well, if you’ve ever cried over a rejection letter you’ll be surprised to know that it was actually a rejection letter that lifted my spirits enough to start going for positions where I could see the impact I would have on the job, rather than the impact the job would have on me. Read why more 20 somethings are starting their own businesses here.

The job

It was a position at a magazine I read a lot back in the day, and as usual, once I had the interview – my mind ran away with itself. I thought about all the cool things I would get to do, all the people I’d get to meet, sitting in the office behind my desk eating free donuts (because of course there would be free donuts!) and buying a whole new work wardrobe.

The dreaded rejection letter 

It landed in my inbox at 2pm just before Christmas day. I read the first sentence and I knew straight away it was a no. They said all the usual things, sorry – I’m afraid your application has been unsuccessful. Damn. But they really turned it around when they said, ‘This is not to say we weren’t impressed by your work, rather we don’t feel that the position would suit your skills. We wish you the best with your work going forward for what is sure to be a successful career in publishing and media.’

How it motivated me

Firstly, it made me think that maybe I had applied for a position that didn’t suit my skills. They were right. I got caught up in what could have been and didn’t stop to think that maybe they just wanted someone to stay in that position – someone who didn’t have a crazy brain that ran away with itself and wanted a promotion after 2 weeks. Secondly, I thought that if they could see my career in media and publishing would be successful, I just had to believe in myself and go for it.

It changed the sort of applications I sent out and actually, I stopped applying to established companies and corporations. I needed a place that would give me room to grow, which is why I started my own magazine. I figured that maybe I needed to apply at small companies or to start up my own business. I was dreaming up ways to start an independent publishing house for young authors and then I found CGD and figured it was the perfect opportunity. Hello! Here I am now. All thanks to that rejection letter giving me some much-needed self-confidence.




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  • Ana

    That is so brilliant! I applied for some internships and fortunately only at start up companies. Best thing to do because they give me so much more chances, there is a softer hierachy and I can’t wait to be able to do exactly the things the employees do, and not only get the chance to look over their shoulder. Love your magazine btw good job! xx Ana

  • Camille Beygui

    Such a great post

  • Benazir

    But sometimes I feel like companies just send out template rejection letters and its so disheartening! This is so encouraging to hear! There’s still hope for me. Hahah xx

  • Prerna Bhatt

    Ahh I need to check this book! Rejection only motivates you to do better in life! :)

  • Elise

    Hey Beth! This is so great. I love your perspective – how a somewhat negative situation spurred you on to pursue a job that would actually be a great fit for you. & I’m sure you’re loving the position you’re in now! X

  • Alexis

    Great post. Congrats Beth! Love how you analyzed the situation to your best advantage. Here you are now…obv you’re loving it. So encouraging!
    xx Alexis
    YouTube “Travel with Alexis”

  • Tara

    This speaks to me. When I was actively job searching I felt like I was just trying to find a job, any job that I remotely might like. I realized none of these jobs were actually right for my so I pursued my dream to travel the world and write about it. I absolutely love that you turned something seemingly sad into a positive, uplifting experience.

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