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How Joy Cho Became Super Successful Using Pinterest


Photo: Joy Cho

With an epic 13.1 million followers on Pinterest Joy Cho has nailed it. Joy is the incredibly successful blogger and designer behind Oh Joy! She is truly an inspiration to career women everywhere. Like a lot of the best success stories, she started off from humble beginnings. Through hard work and perseverance, she has reached the top of her game. She is one talented and impressive lady.

Pinterest is such a powerful social media tool. It can really help cement a brand, drive traffic to your site and help foster new business relationships. For budding bloggers and business women, it can be a useful weapon for growing your product, site or business. There is so much to learn from Joy, she’s known as much for incredible Pinterest account as anything else, so here’s how she did it!

#1 Beautiful Images.

Joy only pins the very best, superior quality images. I could spend hours getting lost on her boards. Her images reflect who she is and help to showcase a consistent personal brand. It tells the world her work and products are second to none.

#2 Consistency.

Joy is a regular user of Pinterest. Constant engagement is necessary for social media success.  There is no doubt that Joy’s prolific pinning is the key to her high level of followers.

#3  Wide-ranging content.

The content on Joy’s Pinterest page is wide-ranging. It includes everything from edible gifts to stylish gents. The key message here is that a broad brush approach will ensure maximum impact and reaching the widest possible audience.

#4 Self-promotion.

Promoting your brand is essential for success. Being shy will not get you that job or promotion.  Joy’s approach to self-promotion is flawless. Her products are pinned in a beautiful way and are so appealing.

The Pinterest page of Oh Joy! is nothing short of incredible. The beautiful collections of  images are sensational. Savvy career girls know that Pinterest is a game-changer for business, especially the creative industry. Taking lessons from Joy Cho and how she has mastered Pinterest could see you on the road to success pretty quickly. Don’t forget to check out her blog here.

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Catherine is an Irish girl living in Liverpool. She is a Solicitor who loves coffee, fashion, fitness and interiors. If you like this article you can pop over to her blog here


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