How She Did It: Silicon Valley’s Most Stylish Juliet de Baubigny


Juliet de Baubigny joined Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (a venture capital firm based in California) in 2001 as one of Silicon Valley’s first venture capital partners focused on helping entrepreneurs recruit talent and build better companies. She is a boss in her area, and is highly sought after by entrepreneurs. She’s also a board member of Product (RED) which helps fight HIV/AIDs in women and children in sub-Saharan Africa, juggles her job with lots of charity work and managing her husband and children. All in a day’s work.

Here’s what we can learn from Juliet’s journey to success and how she balances her busy life!

 ‘There’s no one size fits all career’

Juliet earned her bachelor’s degree in business from Newcastle Business School at Northumbria University in the UK, and now lives in California. A lot of people might not think they’ll get to where they want to be but small steps in the right direction will help you get there. After graduating Juliet worked at Procter & Gamble in the UK, then became a partner at Heidrick & Struggles and then became managing director of Ramsey Beirne Associates. She climbed up, changing her role and responsibilities in order to get to where she wanted to be.

‘Do what you love and support the causes you care about, there’s no such thing as too much!’


‘Support the things you care about’

Juliet isn’t defined by her job alone, she is a supporter of philanthropy and innovation in other organisations and companies. She supports Product (RED), is an advisory board member for CHIME FOR CHANGE, and is a co-chair for CHIMEHACK and CHIMEHACK II, she also co-founded Beyond Type 1 which is an organisation focused on finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. Do what you love and support the causes you care about, there’s no such thing as too much!

‘Support other women’

In order to get to a high position you need to support other women, in this day and age if we work together we can get to where we want to be. Juliet has built management teams at companies like Google and has led several key initiatives including Kleiner Perkins Women Leaders, which aims to mentor and develop the next generation of female entrepreneurs, she is also passionate about women in technology and mentoring millenials in the workplace. Mentoring others and supporting women in their job roles is a great way to ensure we all get what we want!


Juliet told Goop that she likes to wake up early and exercise before having a healthy breakfast, she considers those early moments her time for herself and then rushes around doing the school run and going to work. She knows the importance of giving her family members a hug and streamlining her schedule by cutting long tasks into short items to tackle in a matter of minutes. With a busy life like Juliet’s, you really don’t have time for hours of preparation for one task!

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