How Kate Hudson Became The Ultimate Role Model


During the People Magazine Awards last year, Kate Hudson won the award for celebrity role model. Of course, most of us totally agree with that. But for the lovely lady this was also terrifying, because what is a role model exactly? Then this amazing actress gave the most wonderful speech I had ever heard, with amazing advice for all young women all over the world.

“Life is a journey with its ups and its downs, and its challenges and trials, and all the while we need to stay resilient and focused on your goals and your truth.”

And she is right! You must never lose focus or change into someone that you’re not. Stay true to yourself and keep fighting to achieve your dreams. Never lose sight of what you really want, but deal with life in the meantime. Even when things aren’t going as you hoped. Life is a journey and nobody said you could reach your goals flying business class!

Learn more and honor yourself!

And it didn’t stop there, as she continued on perfection and how to deal with this ideal world that we’ve created. A world where us career girls are never good enough and always have to work harder to become better. Which is unrealistic and that’s why you should listen to Kate’s advice.

“Give yourself the permission to honor who you are and more importantly, to learn who you are. To honor your aspirations and to be kind, and to be courageous, to take risks and to never let anyone ever push you around.”

And this made me think. If you want to be an amazing career girl you have to have a little of all these things. So I made this my new mantra. I want to be kind and courageous. Inspire people and believe in myself. Some days, this is easier said than done, but taking some lessons from Kate Hudson we can learn to take some time for ourselves and push ourselves at the same time.

Perfection is an illusion

I started following her on Instagram and she seems like a normal person just like you and me.

Sometimes it’s all glamour and fun, but there are also moments where she shows she is just a human being. I love that about celebrities. It makes me feel like I’m not the only one stumbling sometimes, even the most perfect people (in my opinion) have their own troubles and struggles. And that’s exactly what Kate wants us career girls to know. Perfection is an illusion. You have to learn and discover on your journey.

You can do anything you put your mind to!

Not content with being an amazing mother, actress and all round inspiring woman, Kate also wanted to promote women’s fitness and health, which is why she co-founded Fabletics. Fabletics has affordable, fashionable gear made with designer materials. Kate is passionate about encouraging women to look and feel great while they work out so that it’s an enjoyable experience and by co-founding Fabletics she showed us that we can do more than one thing and be successful.

By Shelley Beekman

Need more inspiring women? How about Kate Spade or Serena Williams.

  • Camille Beygui

    She is such an inspiration


  • Rachel

    I love this post! Inspired me to keep going and to not give up!

    Rachel x

  • Danae García

    Such a lovely post! I agree 100% with all Kate said! xoxo

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