How Kate Moss Is Changing The Modelling Game

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She’s conquered the world of modeling and design but now after leaving the agency that discovered her 27 years ago, Kate Moss is set to begin life in a new realm of the industry. Along with gracing the cover of Business of Fashion’s cover, she revealed her plans to launch her new business, the Kate Moss Agency and it’s inspiring us all.

When discussing her sudden departure from Storm Models, she explained, “It was like leaving home. I had to leave, and they were very understanding about it. They were like, ‘Yeah you’ve got to go now, we’ve done as much as we can do.’ I wanted to spread my wings.”

She also revealed that she would like to manage not only budding models but actors and singers as well. Kate also revealed her dream role of ‘the agent’ when discussing the venture. “You know that film Gia? Faye Dunaway plays the agent. I could so do that! But I want to focus more on managing people’s careers than just a modeling agency. I don’t really want pretty people, I want people that want to sing and dance and act — I want to create stars!”

As a parting shot, she explains how her decision empowered and inspired her “I didn’t realise how much it was going to change the way I feel because it is like taking responsibility for my own [business], whatever I do, instead of being the model who’s being sent on jobs to turn up and just be whatever they want you to be.”

After being in the industry for almost 3 decades, Moss has plenty of experience and along with her long time booking agent Lucy Baxter, she has the recipe to make this exciting new business a success and we look forward to seeing the new talent she brings to the industry.

You can follow the Kate Moss Agency on Instagram @KateMossAgency.


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