Why Keeping A Gratitude Journal Is The First Step To Success

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In today’s society, keeping a gratitude journal is a must for all up and coming Career Girls. In her latest book Thrive, author (and powerhouse) Arianna Huffington explains the huge role her gratitude journal had in propelling her to success, and honestly, it makes perfect sense. A little gratitude goes a long way, and focusing on the things that make you happy in life can, well, make you much happier and help your career! Here’s why keeping a gratitude journal is one of the first (and most important) steps towards building success on your own terms:

It will help you stay calm 

Mapping out the things you’re thankful for will help you remember what’s important. Writing about the things you already have can be a huge stress-buster, and gives you the perspective and encouragement to make the decisions that really matter.

It brings positivity to the forefront

When you’re writing down the things you’re happy and grateful for on a daily basis, there is little to no room for negativity. Learn more about how to kick negativity out of your life for good here!

Your ability to focus will greatly improve

Charting the things you’re grateful for is initially surprisingly difficult. But as you go along, you learn to focus on what’s important (i.e. having a healthy family rather than a wardrobe full of clothes), and better yet, you’ll learn which elements you’d like to develop. If you’re really grateful for your relationships with people, you’ll learn to focus on the right ones and nourish the activities and relationships you’re truly happy to have in your life. Want more tips to keep winning at life? Here’s ya answer!

It will keep you humble

Let’s be real, nobody likes a show-off. When it comes down to it, keeping a gratitude journal will keep you grounded and humble, and there’s nothing more attractive than a person who appreciates other people’s time! Find out here about the simple things you can do every day to make you happy!

You will start understanding yourself better

When you understand the things that are important to you, you’ll be in a better position to understand where your interests (and career goals) lie. Keep track of your thoughts, reflect on them, and keep moving forward on your path to success!


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