How Keeping A Stress Log Could Help You Banish Bad Vibes For Good

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How many Monday mornings have you woken up and started tallying all of the tasks you need to tackle, before feeling buried under it all? You are not alone; in 2013, a poll revealed that 78% of adults experience feeling down on Sunday evenings.

Given this, starting the week does not have to be a chore. This quick video entitled “Stop Stress: The Crazy Simple Stress-Busting Tool You’re Not Using (Yet)” from life coach and entrepreneur, Marie Forleo, will help you to figure out methods to work through those anxieties and stresses. Letting them build up is the first step to having a burnout, read more about handling one here.

Grab your diary and write away…

Marie can always be counted on to deliver sound and practical advice injected with a dose of humor, and this quick tip is no different. In this video she explains how keeping a ‘stress log’ helps to break down the enormity of your mental to-do list. By identifying what you’re stressed about and writing it down, those tasks will appear ‘shrunk’, more manageable, and can be a cathartic process.

As she says: “writing it down kicks the stress out of town.” Even better is the notion that once you transfer the stress from your mind and body onto paper, it gives you the power to take control task by task. Remembering this simple tip kept me going last week when I started to feel overwhelmed with interview prep and uni assignments. It’s true that writing down your problems can shrink them, read more about what worked for us here.

Try dedicating five minutes after watching the video this morning to offload your stress onto your diary. Hopefully, you will find that you’ll be able to get out of bed feeling lighter and motivated to take on the week – as stress-free as you can be.

You will conquer this week!

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Isabel Togoh

Isabel is a 22-year-old MA student from London (via Ghana and Paris). She enjoys writing, reading long articles, laughing a lot, and consuming healthy amounts of Brie cheese. She also loves to mentor young students, and hopes to become a journalist once she graduates.

  • Cristina Romeo

    That’s a great suggestion – I feel the dread coming after dinner on Sundays and tend to find it hard to sleep as well, knowing I’ve got another big week. I own my business so I guess the stress isn’t just related to Monday blues but I do think it’s worse on Sundays.
    Thanks for the tip, I’ll be creating a stress log this week!

  • Prerna Bhatt

    Great idea! A log book definitely helps!


  • Crystal

    I think I’ll try this… If it doesn’t stress me out too much trying to make myself do it! :)

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