Kerry Washington Just Released A Beauty Must-Have That We’re All Going Nuts For



Kerry Washington has become just a little bit synonymous with Olivia Pope. She is just as bad-ass and beautiful. In an interview with Feministing in 2012 she said:  “The term feminist is so inclusive now. There isn’t one way to be a feminist or to practice feminism, to exercise feminism. You can be feminist in lots of different ways because the point is freedom of choice.  I also want to say that I very much identify with the term womanist, but I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive. I also identify as a humanist. I don’t think that either of those terms are mutually exclusive.”

Both Kerry and Olivia reflect the modern woman. She’s strong, fierce, independent, shows weakness and is still interested in fashion and beauty. None of those things make her less of a feminist, or less of a person! So when we heard that Kerry was collaborating with OPI on a feminist nail polish…we went wild.

OPI and Kerry collaborated on 15 beautiful shades, including a nude for all skin types, as she told WWD “For me, growing up, when people were saying ‘nude,’ they weren’t talking about my naked skin tone. I made sure that in my collection, we had nudes that also represent me.”

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Our favorite shade names include; Madame President, We The Female, Freedom Of Peach, Kerry Blossom, Liv In Gray and Squeaker Of The House. Punny! The full Washington D.C collection is available at Ulta.

Kerry said, “Nail color is a simple but impactful form of individual expression. Wearing bold shades like these is empowering and uplifting, not to mention a perfect way to show some election year spirit!”

So if you’re looking for a fun way to show support to your favorite powerful females in Washington, wear their inspired nail color and don’t feel bad about being interested in both empowerment and nail polish!

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    These are so gorgeous! Chief & Yank are on my wishlist now. :)

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    Love this!

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