The Golden Rule Of Good Hair: How To Wake Up With Perfect Hair Every Day



In a perfect world, we would all have perfect hair. However, it doesn’t always work out that way, that is, unless your Beyonce. But wouldn’t it be nice to wake up with perfect hair that’s silky soft, and well behaved?! So, we wouldn’t have to worry or stress about bad hair days that make you late for work! Recently, my hair has been a mess! It’s been in such a bad condition that I desperately needed to do something. And last night I did – and guess what? I not only experienced amazing differences straight away but drastic changes in its condition the next day!

I’d always heard about Morrocan Oil, but never tried it, and after Christmas, I had a set that I wanted to try out on my hair but was a bit nervous to do so. I thought oils might make it greasy, or might not work with my hair type. But I was so wrong.


1. Morroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask:

Morroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask $18-43 available here

What it says: It claims to be a revitalizing treatment that aims to quickly repair hair that’s either damaged or weak! It’s ingredients help restructure and restore hair back to a good quality.

My experience: I always love using hair masks, but I don’t use them as often as I use face masks! But whenever I do use one, it has to include Argan oil in it, as Argan oil is amazing for repairing weak or damaged hair (plus it’s great for your skin too). So, I was pleased that this mask included my essential ingredient! I left it on for 15 minutes to give my hair that extra bit longer to repair! Upon rinsing, hair felt smoother and tougher!


2. Moroccanoil Repair Shampoo:

Moisture Repair Shampoo $10-24 available here

What it says: It states that the formula is supposed to bathe your hair in a rich anti-oxidant argan oil that will repair any damage caused to your hair either by color or heat!

My experience: I’ve tried a lot of shampoos, usually preferring the Redken or the Aussie. But, because I truly believe in the power of Argan oil, I thought I would give the Morroccanoil shampoo a go. I’ve never really seen a huge difference between various shampoos but even after applying this once my hair was already softer! And I really felt like it had improved the condition of my hair!


3. Morrocanoil Repair Conditioner:

Moisture Repair Conditioner $10.50/25 available here 

What it says: Using keratin and fatty acids the conditioner works to restore your hair with elasticity and moisture.

My experience: To be honest, I was looking for a conditioner that worked magic. My hair felt so dry that I was desperately in need of some moisture! After application, my hair felt incredibly smoother! And when rinsing, it worked like no other conditioner and I was feeling very optimistic! My ends immediately felt smoother and stronger, but I would only be able to tell if it really worked once my hair was dry.


4. Morroccanoil Treatment:

Morroccanoil Treatment $15-44 available here

What it says: The product that started the buzz about Argan oil being used as a restorative property, it is an essential styling product that you can use as a conditioner, styler or finishing tool

My experience: I know this isn’t the first time you’re hearing about this baby! I’ve raged about it over and over in the past. But, this was the first time I used it with the whole set. You are able to use it on its own, but after using it with the other products, I feel like it was more impactful! I put this oil on after I had towel dried my hair and it really gave my hair the silky finish I was hoping for. I rubbed a drop between my hands and ran it through the ends of my hair, which made them appear fuller and stronger!

The results: 

Ok, so when my hair was still wet it was silky smooth, lighter and cleaner! I could literally feel the difference straight away, and it saved me from the panic of running to the hairdresser to have inches cut off of my hair!

I went to sleep with wet hair so my hair could soak in the treatment overnight. And when I woke up the next day my hair was back to its original condition, which I was so grateful for! My ends weren’t ratty anymore, and my hair was noticeably shiny and soft. I would definitely recommend these products! My hair is frizzy but relatively normal – but Morroccanoil is supposed to be great for all hair types and it is, it’s not only loved by me, but my friends!


What do you think about Moroccan oil? Tell me in the comments below



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  1. They sound amazing! I will have to try them all out, thanks for sharing <3

  2. I have heard that it can make blond hair a bit “orangey”. Have you heard anything about this?
    This is basically why I have not tried this product.

  3. It really doesn’t. I’m blonde and I’ve been using it for over a year now and I’ve never experienced this. But so glad I hadn’t have had heard this otherwise it would have stopped me from trying it too!

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