How Kim Kardashian Built A 160 Million Dollar Business



Kim Kardashian West, you either love her or hate her. You may say she has no talent, or you may see her as an accomplished business woman and girl boss. Now Forbes has recognized her achievements by putting her on the front cover, meaning people can no longer disagree. She is a business woman whether you like it or not!

Making the cover of Forbes is a huge achievement, and one that Kim is so proud of. She instagrammed the cover along with the caption: “Such a tremendous honor to be on the cover of @forbes! I never dreamed this would happen and know my Dad would be so proud.#NotBadForAGirlWithNoTalent 😍😜.”

Kim is the perfect picture of a confident and independent business woman on the cover, wearing an on trend thick black choker, low v-cut black sweater and black and white checked skirt.

Some have criticized the fact that she’s called a business woman. But turning yourself into a brand does take some brains. And judging by the caption, Kim knows what people think of her. And although she’s only really shot to fame initially by releasing an infamous sex tape, having a TV show, marrying superstar Kanye West and releasing naked selfies on Instagram, the world simply cannot turn away!

The queen of selfies is now swimming in a pool full of emoji ideas, finally ticking off a red bandanna, tanning oil and a swimsuit. “I should take a photo of myself in the Pablo one-piece, and you can use that,” referring, to her husband Kanye West’s merchandise line. Later she will Instagram a selfie in the swimsuit that her app developer, Whalerock Industries, will turn into an emoji and include in the app that her fans can download for $1.99. Now that is some smart teamwork and marketing, no?

But a massive percentage of her $51 million income this year (leaving her 42nd on the Forbes Celebrity rich list) has come from her mobile game starring herself (duh!) Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, in which players create their own celebrity, befriend Kim and work their way onto the A-list – a little like herself befriending Paris Hilton before she shot to fame. Maybe that’s where she got the inspiration?

A little wishy-washy, but you have to hand it to her. Since its June 2014 launch, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has been downloaded 45 million times and generated an impressive $160 million in revenue. Forbes estimates that Kardashian has pocketed $45 million from it over that period.

“[The developers and I] talk daily,” Kardashian told Adweek of her commitment to the app. “We have these open emails and chats. If I have an idea, I send it to them. I [also] go down to [their home base] San Francisco every other month and meet with the whole team.”

So how did she do it? While not all of us can say we have achieved global fame, her strategy is admirable.

1. Work your ass off

Kim’s commitment to the app is what has earned her a place on Forbes’s front cover. Although she has a team working on it, it’s very much her baby.

2. Don’t be afraid of new areas 

There was a time when gaming was something nobody would have seen Kim K as the face of. Don’t be afraid of a brave new world that you know nothing about, research and go for it.

3. Connect with people 

The whole Kardashian clan know the value of social media. If you’re trying to start something, you need to connect with your following and keep them updated on new features.

4. Offer dedicated fans goodies 

Every so often the app will reward those loyal followers with a free outfit or a discounted goodie package. Rewarding people for their interest is the best way to grow a following and keep people consuming your business!

Do you think Kim Kardashian is an inspiring business woman? We would love to hear your opinions.


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  • TiffanyTene’

    She knows the Game of Marketing Advertising and Influencing people like the back of her hand. She’s also not afraid to try new things including singing and dancing even if it makes her look somewhat silly.The show along with The Hills back in 2007 seemed to ignite Reality shows despite MTVs The Real World coming out way before both of them. I feel she and her family also ignited self expression in all forms especially selfies in which some people feel like they are a star when they take one and post-(because if we do not like our pictures why do we post them?). Although of course some disagree with her nude photos, She still has a way of connecting with people despite of the negative Norman’s and Nancy’s.

  • Camille Beygui

    The fact that she has no talent doesn’t interfere with being a business woman. I think what pisses people off is how she became famous in the first place.

  • Gail Anderson

    If this article is correct, Kim Kardashian is smarter than I have given her credit for being. But this is not going to turn me into a fan of hers. I tried to watch the Kardashian show once, and didn’t even make it through the entire episode. I thought that the program was really dumb.

    I’m not familiar with the mobile game that Kim has made so much money off of, but I’m hoping that it’s a better product than the Kardashian clothing line was. Remember that? It was sold at Sears. I saw this stuff and thought “These are so poorly made, they look like they would fall apart after one washing.” Evidently others felt the same way, I haven’t seen or heard of these clothes in a long time. Needless to say, I kept my opinion of the Kardashian line to myself when I interviewed for a job at Sears about six months after seeing the product. Fortunately, I now have a far better job than the one I interviewed for at Sears, so everything has worked out for the best.

  • GᗩIᒪ ᐯEᖇOᑎIᑕᗩ

    She turned herself into a advertising magnetic
    I think she just acts studio,on reality shows it gets ratings
    I’m sure her father a lawyer would of given her a few pointers.
    Kim takes a lot of glory for her team that works behind scenes
    I take my hat of to her, for turning herself into a on going trend, turn yourself into a market board

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