Kim Kardashian Revealed Her Secrets To The Perfect Selfie



Even if you’re getting sick of seeing the name Kardashian (they’re everywhere!), you know the joy of the perfect selfie, I’m sure. Whether you want a fierce Snapchat story or just want to stick it to an ex with a perfect selfie, Kim is definitely an expert.

She has a whole book on the subject, so you’d think she’d know a thing or two about selfie-expression. Recently she’s been getting very vocal about educating us all on the perfect selfie. So here are her commandments for selfie-success…

Get your lighting right 

“You need good lighting. Obviously,” she told E!. Kim teamed up with Lumee, a brand that makes phone cases that include face-illuminating lights – which shows just how important she thinks lighting really is.

Find your angles

“You really have to put it up above. You need to have your hand positioned to where it’s as far away from you as possible and not down to up. It has to be up—facing, tilting down. That’s the key.” She says. “there’s nothing worse than when someone wants to take a selfie and they take it from the angle down below, you know, and get some double chin action,” We hear you, Kim.

So outstretch your arm as far as possible and angle the phone downwards. Gotcha.

Your makeup should work for you 

If you’re wearing tonnes of makeup and your phone makes you look barefaced, there’s a problem. Even if you are barefaced, with the right lighting and angles your skin should look amazing, not dull. Kim swears by selfie-appropriate makeup, “I’m back into contour and think when you’ve done it really well it definitely helps your selfie. Once you put the light on, it just shows off your features so well.”

Follow Kim’s rules and let us know how it goes. We’re already planning our own selfie book…

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