How To Stand Up For Yourself Every Day, No Matter What

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Do you want to speak up more, maybe you’d like to make next year the year your voice is heard? Well knowing your power is the first step to knowing when you should speak up.

Adam Galinsky is a social psychologist that is best known for his extensive knowledge and research about a variety of topics. These topics include: decision making, diversity, ethics, leadership, negotiations, and power. He has published over 200 scientific articles and chapters in the field of management and social psychology as well as received many prestigious awards due to his studies.

In his TED Talk, he shares that there are times that we should speak up and times that we should not. Often we find ourselves unsure of when we actually need to speak up. “And I’ve asked people all over the world about this dilemma of speaking up: when they can assert themselves, when they can push their interests, when they can express an opinion, when they can make an ambitious ask.” Each situation is different!

For example, if you were the boss of a company you could speak up whenever you want. After all, you would have a lot of power and influence! Now, if you had just started at the company you may want to hold back. “And the key thing is that when we have lots of power, our range is very wide. We have a lot of leeway in how to behave. But when we lack power, our range narrows. We have very little leeway.”

Adam Galinsky later goes on to talk about advocating for ourselves. Another incredibly important topic that is a must watch! So are you ready to speak up more?




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  • Marta

    I feel like I should speak up more. I’m watching this video right away!
    Thanks for another inspiring post!
    – Marta

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