Why You Should Learn To Love Your Body to Be Successful


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Being a Career Girl requires intellect, creativity, motivation, and confidence. For some women, this package is easily obtainable with the right amount of determination. For others, developing confidence can be a big struggle because this quality is frequently associated with body image. Read our article on being more confident here if you need a little boost!

According to PsychCentral, 80%, of females are dissatisfied with their bodies. That’s astounding! Here at CGD, we want all of our readers to love their bodies (every part!) and view their bodies in a positive light. Here are just a few reasons why you should learn to love your body in order to be successful:

Loving your body allows you to accept your flaws.

Having #SixPackAbs and a #ThighGap may be trending on social media, but most people don’t look like the airbrushed celebrities seen in photographs (including the celebrities themselves). Instead of focusing on the qualities you don’t have or focusing on your flaws, embrace your blemishes and perceive them as memorable quirks. As you do this, you will enhance your level of confidence and others will not only be attracted to this mindset, but they will remember you as someone who stands out.

Check out our article about how Winnie Harlow accepted her body and created success for herself if you need a reminder of what accepting yourself can do!

Loving your body allows you to embrace your assets.

Once you are comfortable in your own skin, you can begin to love every part of your body and what it represents internally. So you’ll start to feel as confident about the you on the outside as you do about you are on the inside. So take the time to explore your inner-self by identifying your strengths, forgiving your weaknesses, and utilizing all components of your personality to excel. Read here about how being fearless is the key to success!

Loving your body allows you to appreciate your worth.

The level of appreciation your have for your body is a reflection of the level of appreciation you have for yourself. When these levels are balanced you will have the motivation to work hard, the knowledge needed to maintain a high level of self-respect and the confidence to strut your stuff while giving off warm and inviting vibes.

Don’t let how you perceive your body get in the way of your success. As Coco Chanel simply and eloquently said, “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

Louboutins may help you stand tall, but only you can make yourself stand confidently.

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  • Cool Nirvana

    Nice advice! I am tsill struggling to no to be soo glam’ with my body! I felt I need more confidence after reading your post! I am a new fan! Thanks! Kiss from Paris (France)

  • Grace

    Love this different take on body positivity!

    That Twenty Something

  • Debra Bros

    Couldn’t agree more. When we are truly comfortable and at peace with ourselves that is when we really achieve great things!

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