What Your Learning Style Says About The Way You Work

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Think about the last time you assembled something from Ikea. How did that experience go? Did your roommate read the instructions out loud as you put all the pieces together? Did you study the pictures on the pages? Or did you just rip the box open and get to it?There are several styles you could be, which one sounds the most like you?

1. Auditory:

An auditory learner uses learning and speaking as the main ways to learn. They like repetition, are known to creates songs or rhymes to remember things and works best in teams.

Auditory learners tend to speak slowly, repeat things out loud, are better listeners and prefer to hear rather than read information. Which might be why you prefer audiobooks to reading a novel. If you identify as an auditory learner you should make voice notes to remember things, record lectures and watch videos, and record notes.

2. Visual: 

A visual learner thinks in pictures, rather than words. They tend to see the bigger picture while missing out on the little details. They like using flash cards and mind maps to revise and works best individually.

Visual learners prefer diagrams and charts, tend to talk fast, think in pictures and take detailed notes. If you identify as a visual learner you should draw the information you need to remember, color code and highlight information,

3. Kinesthetic: 

A tactile learner learns through experience or physical activities, rather than sitting in a lecture or watching demonstrations. This person likes to be hands-on, has a tendency to doodle, and works best while on the move.

A kinesthetic learner learns by doing, they like hands-on approaches and may suffer from short attention spans. If you identify as a kinesthetic learner, study in short blocks, use memory games and flash cards and try to get fresh air as much as possible.

Any of this sound familiar? If you’re still unsure, you can find out more by taking this quick, free learning style quiz.

Understanding the way you learn is so important – it can explain a lot about your personality, how your mind works, and how you approach your business. And if you’re the type that likes to be proactive, we’ve found you the top websites to boost those business skills. To excel in your chosen field, you will need to become an expert on you! Once you discover your strengths, you will be able to play on them! The next time you’ve got an interview, here’s how to communicate those strengths. With this knowledge in hand, you are making your path to success a whole lot easier!

By Rachel Curran

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