LET GIRLS LEARN! Michelle Obama’s Inspiring Speech For A Wonderful Project

Sometimes we forget how blessed and lucky we are to be able to pick a study of our choice, go to university, get all the support we need and follow our dreams. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for every Career Girl in this world.

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Worldwide there are 62 million girls who don’t go to school, not because they don’t want to, but because they aren’t allowed or they simply can’t.

‘Let Girls Learn’ is one of the projects that Power Woman Michelle Obama is working on. This project aims to ensure that adolescent girls get the education they deserve.

The First Lady was in London last week and visited a local school where she spoke about this amazing project. Her speech was very real, down-to-earth and close to the heart. She tells about her own youth and who and what inspired her to follow her dreams. This speech is a motivation booster and an absolute must-watch for all Career Girls!

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