Stop The B*llshit: Why you should ‘let it go’ to be happy

How many of us have grudges against family members, friends or exes? I think there’s a lot of unresolved tension in life that wastes time and energy!

‘Sometimes we forget that life is too short to hold on to things, so we might as well just let it go!’

The other day I was looking for some inspiration, as I often do, and while on YouTube I found an amazing TED talk led by the Bare Minerals CEO, Leslie Blodgett and her sister, Colaine Roepke. What caught my attention in the first place was the name of the video, Let it go (reminded me of the James Bay song I can’t stop playing!). Read our previous TED talk picks here!

But the title was actually inspired by the Disney movie Frozen, which is based (very briefly) on the story of two sisters that don’t really get along. Just like the movie protagonists, the two women that led the talk drifted apart so much that despite living 45 minutes away from each other they only met up 3 times in the past 20 years. Until they realized that no matter what happened, the one thing they missed was each other. Check out our article on how to make time for friends when you’re busy here.

The only way to transform that dysfunctional relationship into a functional one? By letting go of the past. In the words of Colaine Roepke “Letting go of old patterns is hard work as it is very tempting to keep doing what you are doing and neglecting a challenging relationship in your life”. But sometimes trying to give up judgment and putting your pride aside is the best thing that can happen to your life! If you need some help turning negatives into positives, read this article!

If you don’t believe me then spend 10 minutes of your time listening to their talk, letting it go could be a truly life-changing experience and might make you re-think about your relationships!

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  • Simi Atanda Lindgren

    Positivity breeds positivity! x

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    This sounds like a great TED talk, I will definitely watch it!

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    Love this! 💕

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    Really needed to read something like this today!
    Loved the video as well!