What It’s Like To Work 9-5 In A Business That Started In A Bedroom



Cecilie Olsen is the ‘PR guru’ for The London Fashion Agency. LFA is a business that grew from the founders’ bedroom, into an affordable PR agency for independent brands. It’s great to hear what different Career Girls do in their day, so we had a chat with Cecilie to find out what working at The LFA is like and how she structures her days.


Wake up, shower, and run out the door. I’m lucky enough to live quite close to work so it’s an easy 20-minute bus ride in the morning.


Arrive in the office, usually receive a warm welcome and cuddles from our fluffy office dog and Chairman Milo (he’s a crucial part of the team)…that’s if he’s not asleep upside down in his bed! Have a cuppa and a light breakfast while checking the emails and today’s to-do- list. We drink a lot of tea in our studio.


Go through social media updating and scheduling posts for the day. I’m always on Twitter and Instagram! Social media is a highly powerful tool – both for us and for our clients. It’s such a great way to connect with others and to show an insight into our team. In the fast-moving world of social media and technology it is essential we don’t get left behind! Social media is also useful for keeping track on what the editors are working on and to build and establish relationships.


Pitching our brands to press while downing another cuppa. One of our brands just launched their new AW16 collection so we’re super busy (and very excited!) introducing the beautiful pieces to press and sending out the lookbooks and gifts.


Christmas is fast approaching (well, in the world of long-lead press that is) and we’re planning ahead and getting ready for long-lead publications. It might sound a bit odd to think about Christmas in July, but it’s crucial to keep organized so that we don’t miss out on any deadlines or potential coverage. This is an important part of our calendar year.

Every day brings something new, but a key part of my role is to regularly build a good relationship with the press, managing requests, liaising with and reporting back to our clients, writing press releases, organizing gifting and assisting with anything in between. It’s important to know your magazines inside out and to constantly stay up to date on what’s relevant and new. I’ve always been a magazine junkie so I love being surrounded by magazines every day!

I also regularly reach out to influencers suitable for our brands. They are an inevitable part of PR.


Time for lunch! – I’m usually starving by now. I either head into Brixton for lunch (Brixton Village is food heaven) or grab a quick bite in the studio. Milo is always ready for a stroll by this time of the day, so it’s nice to take him out and get a quick break from the desk. Having an office dog is a fun distraction – I highly recommend it.


Early afternoon is a good time to post and engage across our social channels. We also manage social media for a couple of our clients so I spend the next hour creating content plans for the coming month.


Spend the afternoon following up on emails and working on content for our blog, which we try and update as often as possible. We’ve just taken on board a fantastic content writer who creates beautifully written pieces, ensuring we always have lots of interesting content lined up.


Replying to the last emails, preparing for the next day and delegating upcoming tasks for our intern and assistants.


If there are no urgent activities, events or deadlines I usually leave on time. I try to take a social media time-out in the evenings but it’s not always that easy!

I love being part of a small, hard-working team and I couldn’t think of a better agency to work for. It’s a creative and varied role in a fast-paced environment and I feel privileged to be working with such amazing, independent brands. To be able to help a brand grow and to see them thrive is one of the best feelings in the world. We’re all about friendly, honest and transparent PR.

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