Why You Should Delete These Words From Your LinkedIn Profile

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Career girls know the importance of ‘standing out’ online. Yet, how many of us still plump up our CV and LinkedIn with the vague, jargony, and obvious? It’s a hard truth, but if your goal is to land that killer job, you’ve only got seconds to make the right impression.

So, if you’ve receiving alerts that people are checking out your profile, but the job offers aren’t flooding in like they’re supposed to (boo) – it may be time for an audit. Treat your LinkedIn as if you’re under a tight word count. Use active descriptions that demonstrate specific abilities, and avoid empty claims and dead words. To put is simply: If you can cut out a word; always cut it out – because let’s face it, you need to avoid the wishy-washy wording if you want to keep dream-bosses on your profile, yawn-free. So, to upgrade your profile now, consider hitting delete on these overused buzzwords.

1. Specialized

The award for most overused word on LinkedIn goes to….specialized (fact). What does this popular word really mean? Is it necessary? Is it assumed? Hint: if a voice mumbles ‘boring’ (with ongoing ‘r’s) in your mind when you read your LinkedIn profile, you’re doing it wrong. Words such as ‘specialized’ are utterly empty, impersonal and overused. Get rid.

2. Leadership

If you have demonstrated experience in a management role – skills in leadership are assumed. Focus less on vague descriptive words, and instead describe specific tasks/experiences/roles that are unique to you that demonstrate the skill.

3. Passionate

You have but a fleeting moment to differentiate yourself from your competition. ‘Passionate’ is not going to do that for you. Sorry. It’s kind of assumed that you are passionate. You wouldn’t label yourself ‘unpassionate’ and neither would anyone else so let’s try again!

4. Certified

I’m not completely convinced this word is ever necessary. Is this word personal? Is it demonstrated in specific experiences? Does the sentence still have a purpose if I remove this word?

It’s no easy task and it would be near impossible to delete all buzzwords, we hear you. Instead, make it a rule to cut it or back-it-up. Use real-life examples that support your favorite buzzwords (we’re all guilty of them) and they will become instantly more credible. Result? Edging you closer to that dream interview…



What words do you think need to be banished from CVs/resumes and LinkedIn pages? Share your pet peeves with us in the comments below…

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  1. Great list! I would add any words and phrases that are such cliches that they no longer have any meaning (i.e. “think outside the box”).

  2. Such a good list. Yes, I agree on all accounts. The work should describe itself.
    xx Jenelle

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