Little Tips To Boost Your Blog’s Popularity

It’s easy to think that super popular blogs get this way overnight, some lucky ones do simply by accident, but for most of us it’s all about hard work. It’s all well and good having incredible content, but it’s also all about curated images and relevant keywords. All you need to do is lay the foundations for people to keep coming back and then the hard work will almost do itself, so here are our tips for making your blog more popular!


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#1 Target audience
You need to know who reads your blog and why. Knowing this will help you direct your content better, so give a little bit of thought to it. Who do you want to read this blog and what kind of content will they come back for?

#2 Be objective
Like good content, good design takes a keen eye, so if you don’t think it’s up to scratch then neither will your potential followers. Browse other popular blogs and use Pinterest to seek out design elements you like.

#3 Create 
Sometimes it’s nice to get a break from curating, so make sure you’re creating original content every so often that will make people keep clicking back. It can be easier said than done, but even if it’s just a simple ‘Life lately’ post or a summary of your Instagram feed, it can be positive. People who follow you will also want a glimpse into your life.

#4 About page
Your ‘About’ page can say whatever you need it to say, and is often one of the first places new viewers will click. Direct this page towards your target audience, don’t bore them with facts and figures, tell them things that endear them towards you. A great post on creating an ‘About’ page can be found here.

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#5 Social Media
It goes without saying that you’ll have to use social media to promote your blog posts, but are you reaching people effectively? Creating graphics and eye-grabbing headlines will get more people clicking on your links, and making your blog design cohesive throughout your social media accounts is also a great way to get more people to click. A great social media checklist can be found here.

#6 Freebies
Take advantage of free design tools and graphics. If you think your blog could use them, then go ahead and find new and awesome things to use. Pinterest really is the best place for searching, type ‘free graphics’, ‘free social media icons’, ‘free blogging resources’ and any variation you can think of into the search bar and be amazed at just how many beautiful things people are willing to share for free.

#7 Writing
It’s important to have a good grasp of spelling and grammar, but it’s also important to have a good grasp on your authorial voice. I always tell people to write as if you’re walking somewhere while on the phone to a friend. It’s incredibly specific but the point of it is that almost everyone can conjure up an instance of walking along and telling their friend a great story. If you’re walking and talking you skip over details that dress the story up too much. You want to tell your friend your story and keep them interested, but you don’t want to lose the essential parts or spend too long describing every detail. Unless your blog is writing and literature heavy you should try and keep your writing voice simple, cheery and a reflection of the way you speak. Your readers will be the voice on the other end of your phone.

#8 Be human
We all are, so admit your limits and don’t push yourself too hard. Be honest with your followers when you need to be, but maintain a distance between your real life and your blog life. It’s healthy to keep some things to yourself, particularly if your blog gets more popular.

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  1. Great tips! It’s always good to evaluate your blog and come back to these tips once in a while :)

  2. Good tips, thanks! I feel deep respect for bloggers with super personal content, but personally I would never share that much of my life. I appreciate honesty but as you said, sometimes it’s better to keep the distance and to not over-share :)

  3. Definitely agree with all these tips, I like to write as a friend and I think my readers like and see that in my content

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty –

  4. Number 7 is a really good tip! I try to write quickly so it comes across as if i am talking to a friend, i find if i pause too much it becomes a paragraph of facts, like reading an encyclopedia (that might also be a consequence of being a scientist!ha).

  5. Great article! I have only just started blogging so this is all very new to me, I have posted a few articles that I would love to get some feedback on. If any of you have a moment please pop over and have a look at

  6. I live by #7, it’s really important in getting readers to relate with you and feel like they are your friend. My best friend told me the other day when she reads my blog posts she can’t help but imagine it’s me talking to her. That’s how I know my writing style is exactly what you said. Thanks for all the helpful tips! Very help as I work to popularize my new blog!


  7. Wonderful tips, as always! I find that so much of being successful with blogging is finding the right balance between all these things — i.e., if you find your unique voice, it’s so much easier to speak to your target audience in both your posts and your about page!

  8. I have recently found your website and simply love it. You freely give such great advice. Thanks for the great tips.

  9. I’ve recently got back into blogging after taking a years break (as life just got too hectic) and it is being a slow yet enjoyable process building up my readers and my content again. I really love makeup so I just find it so much fun. These tips are just what I need to get back into the game !
    Little Beauty Blog
    Elizabeth x

  10. Great tips as always!

    The freebies is one to think about, i make my own jewellery and sell it so i could maybe do a jewellery give away!

    Clare |

  11. You’re very welcome! Yeah, I mean they must have to filter what to share and what to keep private in order to stay sane! x

  12. Great tips thanks, I’d never thought of an Instagram round up post (I know, where have I been!). I’ve been blogging for nearly four years but it’s always good to read a reminder of these types of things.

  13. Thanks Amy! Yes, you’re so right. Finding your niche and your audience is great but you should never lose yourself or try to write for an audience you don’t relate to! :) xx

  14. I know that feeling all too well! I’ve had far too many blogs that have taken a back burner because of real life! I’m glad you’re taking it slowly and haven’t lost the fun of it x

  15. Thanks Clare! Absolutely, as well as looking for freebies to use you can always give stuff away that will make people come back. Even if it’s just your advice on a jewellery making technique, or a step-by-step that people can follow. x

  16. Exactly! Your best friend should be able to ‘hear’ you saying the words, that’s so important. I’m glad you found these tips helpful Jeni! Good luck with your blog. x

  17. It’s tough finding the balance of how much to share and knowing if what you write will come across as intended sometimes. xx

  18. Great tips, thank you for sharing. I will try to be more consistent with some of them

  19. Awesome tips, especially the one about writing like ure on the phone to your friend ♥

  20. This is a great article, thank you for sharing!
    I find the most difficult thing for me is my writing and my ‘voice.’ I will definitely think about talking with a friend on the phone next time I write an article!

  21. Great tips! I’ve just started blogging myself and it’s hard to get your blog out there

  22. Some really handy points! :) thanks for sharing x

  23. Aw, thank you so much for this post. It’s really great and full of such helpful tips!

    Lucy x

  24. Thank you for this post! Some fantastic tips here. I like to write the way I speak, and as if I’m speaking to a friend :) x

  25. Those are really good tips. I find blogging to be very overwhelming lately. It’s like everything else nowadays. They make You feel like if You don’t do this such and such no one will follow, and You’ll give a bad first look, and blabla…
    It really has become very intimidating whereas it started out long ago to be just a social platform to share with whoever stumbles upon You… *sigh* haha just the scared ramblings of a new blogger…

    The Chronic Dreamer

  26. Thanks for the great tips! Glad I clicked on this from my blog lovin feed. The rule of “talking like you’re on the phone with a friend” is a great one! I sometimes find myself trying to be more formal, but I think readers do just want some down to earth conversational reads.

  27. Great tips for my interior design blog (in spanish).Thanks for sharing!

  28. Great tips thank you! As a ‘newbie’ to blogging I certainly need all the advice I can get. Well written article and very useful.

  29. Hmmmm… Thanks for the wake up call. My site needs a facelift… which I continually forget to do. Your article reminded me to peruse Pinterest and get down to business!!!

  30. Yup, all good info – – and it’s now bookmarked. I decided last week to take my blog on a little hiatus so I can take care of some personal things, work through time management, and bring the blog design up a notch.

  31. My blog is beginning to grow. It is a sewing/ knitting/ amugurumi blog so not everyone will find hat intresting. I know it but I just find it lovly to share my creations with everyone.

  32. These are some really great tips! I am still working on finding my writing voice, but I have been really encouraged by my readers!

  33. These are great tips. I love the one about writing as if I am talking to my friend. My friend encouraged me to blog because I was sending crazy texts and emails to her every time I found an awesome skin are or makeup prodects clothes, etc. Feed pack is appreciated and I will do likewise to others that have asked. Thanks so much for sharing helpful ideas.

  34. Great tips!! I didn’t know Pinterest has so many resources?! Seems like I’ve some new things to work on ;) x

  35. Great tips! I especially like the idea of telling your story as if you are walking and talking on the phone to a friend. Will definitely keep that one in mind as I write future posts!

  36. I recently was appointed editor of several new online magazines and after working on these as well as the 4 years I have on my own blogs, I’ve learned that writing is a passion. It’s no necessarily what you write that’s the most important but that the act of writing to communicate a thought outside of yourself and have a comment come in from someone you’ve never met before. It’s both exciting and encouraging but mostly human. We all crave interaction, with that said the most important thing that I’ve learned is to watch the stats. Look at your daily stats for posts that are commanding attention and check weekly / monthly for those that are leaders. This will help you to understand your readers and what they enjoy. By knowing who your speaking to, you’ll have a much more fulfilling experience. Without interaction, it will certainly get lonely and you won’t stick with it. Secondly use social media to get those posts in front of real people It’s the only way your going to be found quicky. I also have met many of my most loyal readers by chatting on other people blogs just like we are here. Best of luck everyone. /

  37. Thanks for sharing such wonderful post. I am finding blogging a real passionate journey.

  38. Thanks, Beth for sharing! Instantly clicked your link once reading the title of this post. It’s indeed hard to boost your blog. I’m trying to constantly posting things persistent, but I honestly do not know whether people get bored or not. I’m trying to make the headings sound interesting, but really do not know whether people enjoy surfing my blog.
    Do you have any ideas on what should be posted if the target market is 18-24 years old ladies?


  39. Thanks for the Pinterest tip.
    Good content is the key to loyal readers, I would like to point out once again. (I know it’s no news, but way too often it seems to be forgotten.) If you have someone to proofread your post then go for it. Almost always it makes your texts better, more entertaining, wiser, funnier and – last but not least – more correct grammarwise, which adds unobtrusively to the said qualities.

  40. Great post and I agree. I have to add “respect” , you have to respect your readers, understand when they don’t like the same things as you, tell us that your personnal choices are not the same but…very kindly, without being disagreeable. Answer the questions asked even if it’s to say “I have not the answer”. be kind, be kind, be kind. Be humble. It”s just blogs, nothing else. you’ren’t a star planet even if your blog is very well known. You are neither Einstein nor Ghandi or Mandela. A friend that I quoted in my blog told me “oh I’m so glad you’re so famous,” and I said “not at all, there are about 7 billion humans who don’t know me ” that’s right isn’t it? ;)

  41. This is interesting. I started blogging in 2009 and its intriguing to watch trends change. You mention ‘curating’ and I hadn’t thought of blogging like that (for me curating is mainly used in art when hanging shows!), but now you’ve said it I can see how well ‘curated’ so many blogs are. Wonderful images that make me feel I should do another photography course, and then, I had a moment where it would seem like there is a certain trend of image at the moment – the stylish black and white apartment – and it left me wondering how could we be different as bloggers? How would the images work if they weren’t a reflection of a perfect interior, world and life? Because life isn’t really like that is it? It really is a curation of how we want something to look – just like the art-world. How can we be different in a sea of what can seem like same-ness sometimes? That’s what I’d like to work on. Long ramble, whoops! Not really sure where I’m going with it other than I’ve been thinking and this post has precipitated even more thinking :)

    I like blogs that are personal and reflect the person rather than ones that sound like a journalist in a magazine. It’s about the person behind the blog and how they deal with their ‘real’ world rather than an orchestrated world – that’s what gets me going back and a subject I’m interested in of course!

    Thanks again. Amelia.x

  42. Loved this post. So helpful!
    Definitely applying them to my site.

  43. Hi Beth, thank you so much for your tips, It’s always good to put yourself in perspective and see what and how you can improve! I will definitely use your tips about the writing, the way about talking to your friend it’s really a good tips!

    Again thank you

  44. Great tips! I thought it was interesting (and liked) that you didn’t start with social media as number one.

  45. Awesome post! Love number #7 and I totally agree – it’s all about the writing.
    Thanks for the tips!

  46. Great tips! Being able to communicate with other people through a blog is really priceless. It’s good to know that your voice can be heard!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Athina @ Between my Lines

  47. I just started a blog last week and this article was very helpful and informative! Thank you!

  48. Great post, it’s nice to read something different on this, I’ve seen so many posts say the same things. You’ve actually made me think more about it all, I’m in the process of a mini redesign anyway, so this was very useful! Thanks!

  49. Found this really helpful. I’ve recently started a blog and I’m not happy with the look of my template but can’t find any I really like! Such a struggle.

  50. Understanding the difference between “curating” and copyright infringement is also critical to a blog’s health.

  51. I cannot champion the merits of considered writing enough. Even a visual diary needs a few lines of well put-together text!

  52. Fellow commenter: This is an ongoing struggle of mine! I think I change my look maybe once a month? It is growing a little tiring. Some of my favourite and most respected blogs have kept the same design for years without even a font change! Remember that your blog should always be about your content and your voice. A pretty face is a wonderful asset, but do you have substance? That is what matters.

  53. Thanks for these great tips. I will use them as a guide. I have had a blog for about 8 years, but saw it as just a way of providing a free service for my followers. It was a gift, that’s all. I’ve finally realized that I have become a real blogger and now is the time to spread the word and get it known. Your tips will help me do that.

  54. Lovely :-) There’s always some great tips on here; I feel I need to make use of a better blog format and social media also, thanks for the post!
    Life inside the Locket

  55. Adorei as dicas e esse post me ajudou muito a melhorar a visualização do meu blog.

  56. This is such a great post! I’ve always been a bit all over the place when it comes to targeting on my original blog – I always wrote about whatever I was interested in at the time, and didn’t really think much further ahead than that! But now I really want to focus on streamlining that and making a proper go of my blogs (I have two now, and two YouTube channels, so staying organised is a must!).

    Lynsey x

  57. Thank you for the great tips! I saved this post a while ago and its really handy to have so I can read again. I’ve just started a new Beauty Blog and your tips have come in really useful as I’m just starting out!
    thanks again x

  58. Great tips! Especially the one on getting free graphics would check it out. Still trying to build up my readership but I have had fun blogging.

    Hi all,

    Please check out my blog,

    Thanks :)

  59. Hi Amelia

    I really love your comment and was also thinking about this.

    On the one hand I think it’s a lot of fun to curate your blog, and I actually see it as a way to state how you intend to do things. On the other hand, I think it’s true that life is not that clean so it’s also important to remember that (partly why I named my blog Clouded Dotted Mind actually). I get irritated when I go to fake looking blogs, because that entirely defeats the purpose of blogging in my opinion.

    I mostly enjoy blogs where I see admirable intentions and aspirations, but at the end of the day blogging and anything screen based will continue to become more and more curated, visual and partly an exercise in photography, partly in calligraphy and then hopefully mostly remain about the content.

    Went on your blog, it’s really lovely and well curated ;)

    Mathilde x

  60. Thanks so much for your comment Mathilde! I think we are following each other on twitter now :)

  61. Hi there! This was a lovely article with very great points! I especially love the one about your target audience, I am working on making my brand and blog more clear – I’m an artist and illustrator. I have found that is helping me discover who I am writing to. Do you have any other tips for discovering who your target audience is?

  62. Thank you for the amazing tips, I will apply most of them in my blog. If you want to see some London life , please visit me

  63. I’m going to take a look on pinterest for some freebies, i didn’t know it where on pinterest at well!

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  66. Great advice! There are a few things I need to work on!

    Jemima x

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