A Simple Trick To Survive A Holiday Party That Fits In Your Clutch Bag 


We all love a good party, but it’s wise to remind yourself that office parties are a little different from the parties you have with your friends! Here’s my little trick to surviving holiday parties, and return to the office without fear or shame!

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We career girls love our job. We spend a decent amount of time in the office, and tend to make friends with like-minded coworkers. It’s nice to have friends at work! And I’m not only talking about the girls you lunch with, what about those nice guys at work? Maybe it’s just some innocent flirting, or maybe you have a serious crush who makes you blush as soon as you make eye contact. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. When you’re working long hours, you invest something in the people around you. They feel like friends, and your workspace might even feel like a second home, where you feel safe and happy.

And that’s the root of most office party problems. You’re not at home, and your office friends (and office crush) are still your co-workers when you return on Monday. What makes your party at the weekend (smooching a hot guy, getting a little tipsy on good wine, dancing your butt off and a little harmless gossip) can be very shameful when it happens at office festivities. You don’t want to be that colleague that drinks too much, starts making out with coworkers, makes loud jokes or gossips with her boss. My trick to prevent all this from happening fits in your clutch bag; lipstick

I usually don’t wear lipstick, so when I see those red or pink stains on my glass it reminds me not to drink too much (two drinks max!). And while I love making out with gorgeous men, it just feels different with sticky lipstick on. Besides that: bright red lipstick is not a “let’s sneak off to secretly make out” kinda invitation. Whenever you feel yourself about to say/do something stupid, take 5 minutes to reapply your lipstick and reevaluate your choices and you’ll end up having a great office party, trust me!

Make it a year to remember. Party on, and look fierce in your lipstick! Happy holidays!

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