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London Tube Life

04.Big Ben [2012], 2012, London Underground Gloucester Road Station, London

04.Big Ben [2012], 2012, London Underground Gloucester Road Station, LondonYou’ve managed you’re way into the crowded tube, and you’re even lucky to get a seat. With Starbucks in one hand and while you’re trying to read the latest news on your iPhone with the other. With trains every few minutes, minimal delays and the brilliant map, it takes you where you need to go in no time at all. BUT, and this is a big but, travelling by tube is one of the most unpleasant experiences there is. !
A couple of weeks ago, I was surprised I was actually still alive, since there were too many people in the tube and everyone was gasping for oxygen each stop.

Here are the 7 people you’ll meet on the tube each morning….

1. Mrs Smelly

This is all about desperately keeping your breakfast down. Let’s just forget the fact why someone is eating a smelly burger at 9 AM? Move to another carriage and them inform them that in a 2000 university study, a random sample of seats removed from the London Underground contained traces of vomit, urine, excrement, animal hairs and, most disturbingly, semen.

2. The Tourist couple

They’re always holding a map and shouldn’t it be a crime bringing a suitcase in the underground between 7-9 am?

3. Staring Guy

How long does that guy have to stare at me, before I know for definite that he wants to kill me?


4. Mr No Sleep

Life of the party, napping in the most extraordinarily uncomfortable positions? Please ditch your obligations and please go to bed, NOW!

5. Germ Killer

We all know the tube isn’t the most healthy place on earth. While you’re trying to get in as less polluted air as possible, this women is sneezing and coughing spreading her germs.

6. The Banker

Wears a suit, smart shoes and a briefcase. Obviously very overpaid, which is evident by how bulging their wallet is when they take it out to count their money.

7. The Beauty Queen

It’s fascinating, seeing this girl manage to apply a perfect winged eyeliner and fake eyelashes in the crowded tube.

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Who are you meeting each day? Let us know and leave us a comment.


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