Long Haul Beauty: How To Stay Fresh On A Flight


Flying can break the best of us, between stressful turbulence, cramped conditions and unruly passengers it’s impossible to stay looking fresh and ready to start travelling. Trying to get some beauty sleep on a long flight can seem almost impossible but with this guide you can relax and step off the plane in style using only the things you’ve brought in your hand luggage

1. Hydrate

An important thing to remember when flying is to make sure you stay hydrated, drink water before take off and keep yourself topped up on water every so often, don’t worry about regular trips to the toilet because it’ll help you stretch your legs and keep your blood flowing.

2. Stretch

Making sure that your blood flows throughout a flight is an important step to prevent deep vein thrombosis, a painful condition caused by blood clots develop in your veins. Forget how you might look during the flight and make sure blood is flowing through your veins by keeping your limbs, fingers and toes moving and going for regular walks.

3. Sleep

You need to ensure you get enough sleep, but set your body clock to a similar time as the location you’re travelling to. Bring anything you need to aid your sleep, such as earplugs or a soft eye mask.


4. Moisturise

Bring a hydrating mask or moisturiser to make sure your skin retains its moisture during the flight! If you bring make-up wipes in your handbag too, to keep your skin clean, oil free and to remove your face masks if the toilet is engaged.

5. Minimal Make-up

All you need for in-flight make-up is a tinted moisturiser, a small waterproof mascara and an eyeliner or brow pencil. Less is more on a flight, you don’t want your makeup to be too heavy on your face or smudge all over the seat while you’re napping. You can always reapply before you arrive!

6. Snacks

Bring your own snacks for the flight, before you board grab some healthy snacks such as fruit and nuts and any juices you might need. Sometimes the in-flight meal isn’t nutritional or what you crave so make sure you’re stocked up on the things you know you love and you’ll be fine.


  1. I’m going on an eight hour flight in a few days, thanks for the tips!


  2. Tomorrow I’m leaving on a 17ish hour flight (with two layovers) so this actually really helpful, thank you!


  3. I started off doing long haul flights without any of these tips and now as time has gone by I’ve slowly incorporated them and it makes flying so much easier! Thanks for the tips :)

  4. Great tips! I always make sure I pack a good lip balm and hand cream on long haul flights. Nothing worse than dry lips or hands.
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  5. how many kg can weight carry on bag? or in pounds? Can i bring few lenses and camera in it and laptop? would want to know it as in few months i might fly to usa and have to bring 2 laptops camera and few lenses and clothes
    greetings MEg

  6. You can bring the lenses and camera in your hand luggage as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum weight. Different airlines have different rules on maximum weight and how big the carry on bag can be. Check with the airline you’ll be traveling with!

    Have a lovely trip!

    / Natali

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