How To Look Professional When It’s 30 Degrees

The heat wave is striking everywhere and it is becoming harder and harder to pull off the best outfit and look professional when it is so hot outside!

But even though what we really want is to just chill at the pool with a cocktail in our hands, we are career girls, therefore our duties come first. So we thought it might be useful to give you some tips on how to still look professional when it’s boiling hot outside!

How To Look Professional When It’s 30degrees

Wear your hair up
If you have long hair the struggle is even more real. So no matter how beautiful your hair looks like, don’t be in pain just put them up in a ponytail: you will look effortlessly chic and professional. Or opt for a shorter and fashionable haircut!

Sleeveless blouses are your new besties
Opt for a sleeveless blouse or top that you could wear without jacket or if you prefer go for a basic camisole. If your working environment is more polished, then just combine your blouse with a light cardigan or jacket that you could pull off whenever.

Summer dresses are a must
A light, summer dress is a great alternative. Opt for something fresh but also colourful. At the end of the day it is still summer so try to get rid of the winter look and don’t be afraid to wear some bright colour. Try to go for cotton dresses.

Wide leg trousers as an alternative
If you feel more comfortable wearing trousers a nice pair of wide leg pants is a great alternative! You can opt for some printed, more colourful ones, or go for some more classic, and probably more professional, mono-coloured ones. Not only they will make your skin breath due to the wide cut but they are also usually made of lightweight fabric.

Avoid shorts
I know, it’s boiling hot outside and the temptation is strong but please, avoid any kind of shorts or too short dresses or skirts. They will make you look unprofessional which we know you are not!

Heels or sandals
This time it is really up to you and to what you prefer/feel more comfortable with. What it really makes a difference is to avoid using sneakers or boots or anything that wouldn’t make your feet breath.

  • Elizabeth Rebecca

    I love these tips – wearing my hair up makes such a difference.

    Lizzie Dripping

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