L’Oreal + Unesco: For Women In Science

We love brands who take their corporate responsibility very seriously! Since 1998 L’Oreal partnered up with UNESCO to award women from all around the world who are doing great things for scientific research and are contributing to overcoming the global challenges of tomorrow.

Picture: Stella Maria Baer

 Just 30% of all researchers in the world are females, therefore L’Oreal and UNESCO want to highlight the importance of a greater participation in science. They state that the number of women attending university is growing worldwide, but that we tend to opt out at the highest level required for a research career.

By holding these awards UNESCO and L’Oreal hope to motivate young women that aspire a career in research science to feel encouraged and to absolutely go for it!

This week’s Power Women of the week will be in the light of the 5 amazing women who were nominated for these awards. We love the fact that brands are involved in the development of women around the world and these 5  inspiring women are the definition of Career Women.

Do you believe that it is important and necessary for brands to participate in projects that stimulate the development of women and greater female participation in certain fields? Share your opinion with us and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Bloglovin!

Featured picture: L’oreal

Credit: UNESCO & L’Oreal

  1. It’s great that brands support women but I wish that L’Oréal produced cosmetics with less unhealthy ingredients.

  2. I will always support female empowerment. No matter how ‘civilized’ society claims to be, women are still not treated equally and need to be supported by projects like these :)

  3. So proud to be part of the women scientists out there!! I love hashtagging #ScienceIsSexy we forget that being smart is such an appealing accessory to use in our careers! True, I wish these companies produced a more healthy product, but they are big names to bring to the cause!

  4. As a student study a science degree, I’m all to familiar with the ongoing challenge that women face in the science industry. This post is very inspiring and I do everything I can to get involved in the science industry. Scientific companies should do more to promote the industry for women as well as men to increase the amount going into research!

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