9 Life-Changing Beauty Products For Lazy Girls


There are always going to be days when you just feel too lazy (or too pushed for time) to create a full makeup look, which is where a low maintenance makeup routine comes in. The best low maintenance routine uses clever products with super fast application times. So when you can’t spare thirty minutes for makeup in the morning, don’t despair. You can create a professional put-together look in just mere minutes with the right products.

From stick eyeshadows to vinyl lip creams, these products were created with girls who just don’t have time to spare in mind, and we seriously love them!

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

How can it be so easy to create perfect brows? The Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pencil makes it super easy to frame your face and create great eyebrows. All you need to do is use one end to groom your brows and the pencil to lightly fill them in with little strokes. Buy it here.

2. Urban Decay Self-Adjusting Primer

The holy grail of makeup primers, Urban Decay’s Self Adjusting Complexion Primer actually adapts to your skin tone and corrects any pigmentation while blurring your skin for a perfectly photoshopped finish. The future is here, use this in the morning before a quick swipe of foundation and you won’t have to use color correctors. Buy it here.

3. Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation Stick 

I seriously love this foundation. When you only have ten minutes to get ready or you don’t like to faff with your makeup for long periods of time, all you need is a swipe of this stick. I like to swipe it around the edge of my skin and blend it inwards with a beauty blender dipped in primer. It’ll give you perfect coverage in just a few minutes. Buy it here.

4. Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat Concealer

This is my favorite concealer. If I’m feeling lazy (and don’t want to get out of bed) springing up and concealing my under-eye bags with a click and a swipe makes things so much easier. It’s got highlighting pigments in it so it’s the perfect cover-up for busy mornings. Buy it here.

5. Milk Makeup Blur Stick

This primer stick is perfect when you don’t want to spend ages priming your skin. One or two swipes along your skin before or after applying foundation will perfectly hydrate your face and blur all your imperfections. Buy it here.

6. Marc Jacobs Fineliner Gel Crayon Eyeliner

This gel liner crayon makes lining your eyes so easy. Just a quick line on your eyelids and you’ve got a perfect outline that looks as though it was created using liquid eyeliner. The color is dark and glossy, it’s waterproof but takes a few seconds to set so you can adjust it as you go and you don’t have to fuss or blot any eyeliner mistakes. Buy it here.

7. Charlotte Tilbury Color Chameleon Eyeshadow Stick

Ready to do your eyeshadow in just one swipe? In the morning, when you don’t have time to create a smoky eye (or you just can’t be bothered) grab this genius eyeshadow pencil and create the look you want in seconds. This top-rated eyeshadow pencil is beautiful and comes in a variety of shades for different eye colors. In love! Buy it here.

8. Yves Saint Laurent Vinyl Lip Cream

I bought this lip cream at the airport when I couldn’t be bothered to rummage through my makeup bag and needed a quick touch of color, and I fell in love. Not only does it look beautiful, it gives the perfect touch of color and all-day wear. Buy it here.

9. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

This Living Proof dry shampoo is the answer to all your hair prayers. I keep a bottle at work so I can refresh my hair throughout the day, and the reviews on this one prove it really does work! It’ll make your hair shinier and glossier while giving it instant lift and volume. Spray it in the morning and top it up throughout the day for your best hair yet. Buy it here.


What are your favorite beauty products for lazy days?

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