The Lunch Break Trend That’s Taking Over Every Workplace

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What do you do in your lunch break? I sit at my computer and try to balance my lunch on my lap while editing articles. Not the balanced lifestyle I advocate, but it works for me. I always have so much to do (shout out to everyone wondering why I haven’t replied to their email yet!)

But there’s a new trend catching fire. Actually using your lunch break for something decent. That something decent being working out.

Hell, I’ve thought about it. Bringing a pair of trainers and just hitting the pavement for a run, but the logistics are all wrong. Where would I shower? Would I have to wander around the office sweaty after my lunch break? Would others follow me, laughing? But I do have a 45-minute daily workout I haven’t yet found the time to complete. When I get home at 7:30, there’s just enough time for dinner, catching up on emails/social media and then bed. BUT I WANT MORE! DAMMIT!

So here’s everything I’ve found out about working out in your lunch break:

1. You don’t need a gym membership

Do you have the kind of job where nobody would bat and eyelid if you stepped off your desk for five minutes and started using it to do tricep dips? Awesome. You can do some ‘desk pushups’ by standing away from your desk, keeping your body diagonal and then doing ‘push up’ motions with your arms. Not in the mood for something so obvious, do a few mini leg lifts under the table by raising alternate legs and squeezing your butt and thighs at the same time.

2. You don’t need to bring your whole kit

Turns out you don’t need a fancy shower/locker room in your office. Just bring a pair of trainers to work with you and a sports bra and t-shirt to change into in the bathroom. Go jogging, running, walking, skipping or jumping in your lunch break. Grab your lunch on the way. Of course, if your office is a bit fancy and there’s a gym inside/nearby you can bring everything. Including your pilates mat. Woop.

3. You can even book a class without your co-workers knowing

Why not schedule an outdoor yoga class or Zumba class in your lunch break? You have enough time, if there’s one close why not just hop in and hop out if it runs over? Yeah, you can totally do that. Even if it means you eat 10 minutes earlier while you work.

4. It’s the trend that keeps on giving 

Yeah, we’ve all heard of sitting on an exercise ball at the desk. Impractical for someone who regularly spills things. But, there’s a reason lunch break workouts are becoming such a huge trend, and that’s because it can help you become more focused. I know that there are times we have a slump in the afternoon because our brains hurt and we can’t seem to focus.

Exercise is  brilliant for that. It clears your mind and instantly relieves stress, so it’s the perfect thing to do in your lunch break. Especially if you’d normally sit in the canteen texting for one hour.

5. You don’t have to go it alone

You’ve been working on healthier habits at work right. Grabbing a salad instead of a sandwich? So why would you be content to sit on your butt all day and let your muscles waste away? You wouldn’t of course. And if you’re worried that people will judge you, don’t be. You can start a little lunch-break exercise club. How cool would that be?

See if your boss likes the idea, create flyers, make it into a competition. Getting others on board is the best way to motivate yourself! You could even get a personal trainer to come in if your office thinks it’s a good idea to get everyone off their seats and moving in their lunch break.


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  1. I just look at all these girls with abs and I’m like I need a body like her! But these are great tips to get your butt moving! haha!

  2. Great article. I started an interval walking programme at lunch a few weeks ago. I have trainers in my locker and all I need is my phone and head phones. I really look forward to my 1 hour lunchtime walk everyday. I am so refreshed and focussed in the afternoons now, whereas before I was a depleted mess around 3pm. Can only recommend it.

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