6 Instant Updates That Will Make Your House A Home

If there’s one thing I’m crazy about, it’s decorating. But it’s a lot more than that. It’s bringing your designs and pieces together with some finishing touches that make a house a home. And I probably spend more money on home accessories and little trinkets than I do a month on clothes. Step by step, I’ve taken a blank, empty canvas and made it into a space that I’m proud to call home! Want to know how I did it?



Create a gallery wall


Plain white walls are nobodies friend. You want to fill the space and you want to fill it well. But don’t be afraid to express yourself, and definitely not in your home. This is your chance to create space that not only makes you happy but inspires you and if you can, others. And you can do this so well with wall art!







Add some accents


For me, the little touches make a home. I guess you can call me a little bit of a collector because my house is stuffed full of cute little trinkets that make a house a home. It’s these little stylish keepsakes that will work where ever you put them and will make your home feel lived in and loved. Plus, they’re so adorable and cute that I can’t help but to buy them anyway!










Statement pieces add luxury


To add some sophistication to your home you need big, stylish statement pieces that really hold it all together. This can be done either with a mirror, a lamp or even your furniture. Be careful not to fill your room full of these statements – I would keep it to a maximum of five to a room – varying in size. And instead, let your accessories fill up the rest of the space.








Bring the outside in


You don’t need to overfill your house with botanical elements – that is unless you want to. But in order to make your house a home, you need to include and dot around flowers and plant pots. This will breathe life into your home and will even freshen the space up!









Create your own spa


Your bathroom should be one of the places in your house that you want to escape to in order to feel more relaxed and refreshed. But if your surroundings don’t reflect this then you won’t be feeling as at peace as you would like. Trust me, when you want your bathroom to be your sanctuary you need to add a few more elements!









Hygge your home up


For your final touch, you want to make your space feel warm, cozy and somewhere you love to escape to! This can be so easily done, all you need is a load of cushions, throws and some fairy lights and you won’t feel like leaving the house again. and this is probably the most effective way to make a house a home!






How do you make your house more of a home?



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  1. Hi Annie, tell me about it! I’m currently in the process of building a whole wall! And I’m getting there!

  2. Hi Besma, that sounds great! That’s exactly what I’m doing right now – I’m filling my wall of inspirational messages and all my accomplishments and I find it’s really helping me stay motivated and inspired! Plus it looks really cool!

  3. Hi Alisa, I think as you get older and have your own space focusing on interior and developing a love for it is only natural! Everyone wants to make their house a home!

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