How To Make Your Apartment Look 10x Bigger


Living in the city or renting your first apartment can result in smaller spaces which can leave things cramped at home. But not to worry, we’re going to tell you some simple tips that can help make a smaller room look huge! The important things to consider here is if you are allowed to repaint any walls or change the furniture. So make sure to check with your landlord before you start redecorating! But here are some of our favorite tips to making the most of your space!

1. Wallflower

How your walls look makes a huge impact on how spacious your room appears. Lighter colors will always make a room more light and spacious. Your best bet is to choose a color from the cooler end of the color wheel, we’re talking our whites, creams and very soft subtle blues! You will immediately notice how more airy and spacious your room appears after changing from dark brown or a harsh red, to a soft and relaxing cream. You will also want to make sure that the walls are in harmony with your floors, making your floor boards a shade or two darker. A white washed floor board or a light oak board will always look great, and you can always decorate your floor with fancy, vibrant rugs or a lovely green plant!

2. Curtains from head to toe

Another great way to make your room like big is by hanging your curtains up on the ceiling rather than on the way. This helps to create the illusion of height, making your room look much more luxurious and spacious! Again, go for some softer colors, but make sure they stick to a color scheme which matches the rest of the room. This will create a more organized space so it won’t look cluttered. I recommend that you steer clear of patterned curtains too, and just decorate with pillows and art instead.

3. Get arty!

We all love a good piece of art on the wall. Whether it’s your favorite piece of a much-loved artist or a worldwide known print. Art can change how a room looks! Especially if you are following tips one and two, art can make your room look much more personal but also vibrant! My tip for you is to hang your art above the eye line when you step into the room. This will make your walls and ceilings look much taller! Have a whole range of art pieces which vary in size. Start with one massive art piece, then scatter some small pieces around it in some frames. You’ll instantly have an eye grabber, which will make the rest of the room look massive!

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4. Sleek and chic decor

You might think that black and white decor won’t give your apartment the color splash it needs, but for very small spaces, art and objects that follow a black and white theme can make walls look less cluttered, rooms look bigger and spaces look a lot more luxurious. For example, if you have a desk in the corner of a studio apartment, a few black and white accents make it feel as though it’s a different room!

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5. Mirror, mirror on the wall…

Look like the vainest person in your friend group. But have the illusion of the biggest space! Strategically placed mirrors can really help to make a room look much bigger. Place at least two big mirrors in the room of choice, a position them opposite windows and open spaces. This will reflect light and give the illusion that the room stretches out more. Place a wall mirror in front of chest or drawers to give a more regal feel as well as making it look like there is more space behind the chest.

6. Rugs everywhere!

This tip is especially handy for those of you that live in studio apartments. But this tip works well with apartments and houses too. Use your rugs to separate rooms by function! So each rug has a specific space! If you do have a studio space, use a rug to designate where the living room begins and the dining room ends. It’s a great way of separating floor space and making the room look even bigger!

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  • mediamarmalade

    great tips, i’m doing up a new flat shortly and i’ll be trying to maximise the space we have.

    Mel x

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    Thanks for the tips!

  • Morning Elegance

    Great tips :)
    xx Nicki

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    Great tips! I love having curtains that frame a window =o)

  • Samantha | The Beauty In It

    Definitely great tips, especially with the rugs. 👍🏻

    Samantha |

  • Tola

    Getting ready to move so these are tips I will definitely make use of.