How To Make Every Day Feel As Great As Friday


Friday is great, even for a Career Girl who loves her job, there’s a certain amount of excitement about the weekend. Anyone who says there isn’t is a liar. It’s not about ‘getting away’ from work, because most successful Career Girls take their work with them. It’s actually about having some time to work on yourself, and planning things that excite you.

Remember though, that Friday feeling should last throughout the whole week!

1. Plan things to excite you

Maybe it’s a party, an interview you’ve got lined up, drinks with a new friend — make a plan that you can get psyched for, and it’ll give you that boost of happiness that lasts through the week. Whether it’s workout Wednesdays or after-work meals. Honestly, the more social things you fit into your week, the happier you will be. It makes you feel connected to your friends and stops you from being a little bit frazzled under the stress of work.

2. Change your mindset 

What is the best thing about Friday? Is it just the fact you get to have a lie-in on the weekend? Or that you can spend your time doing things on your own to-do list? You need to change your mindset as a priority first. Make yourself feel happy by cherishing every day. Monday is just as good as Friday because on Monday’s you get to tackle your new to-do list and after work, you make a meal with your closest friends! Simple changes make the biggest difference.

3. Make work/life balance the priority.

Fridays are great, because we’ve all got after work drinks and the weekend on our brain, but we also have the mindset of “I need to focus on getting this done before I take off for the weekend.” This should be the mentality of all our days — focused on goals, working hard, but looking forward to the fun we’ll be having soon! Think about how you spend the last hour of your day on Friday compared to say 3pm on a Wednesday, you should be pushing just as hard. Motivate yourself to do so with after work treats.

4. Take care of you. 

Drink tons of water, go for a run, put a little extra something special into your outfit. Keep a cool head by not being bothered by any negativity around you. Get yourself an iced coffee or lunchtime treat. You are your priority, and that free happy feeling you get on Friday should come with you every day. It’s like a light, care-free feeling that comes from having no responsibilities. Even if you own your own business and work on the weekends, you can work at your own pace, work a little less, go shopping.

You know what else helps me, not counting the clock. And I don’t mean at work but after work. I used to look at my clock and despair that it was 10 pm and I needed to get exactly 8 hours of sleep, nowadays I ignore my reminder to go to bed and only sleep when I’m actually tired. When I wake up, I somehow always feel more energetic and I don’t count those hours.

5. Find a reason to play

Be present in your life, and you’ll find ways to spark joy. Play can refer to a sport or an instrument, but it can also be about finding something that makes you laugh, like a new Youtube clip or podcast. Enjoy the little moments in your life!

6. Get your playlist on.

Honestly, whether it’s a Friday afternoon or a Monday morning – there’s nothing better than a playlist that boosts your mood. Honestly, at the moment Despacito lifts me up instantly. There’s always that one song you can hear one hundred times and it still gives you a rush of happiness, On My Mind by Disciples has that effect on me too, makes me want to dance in my seat. Get your playlist right and it’ll set the tone for your whole day!


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