How To Make Extra Money In Just One Month

Making money, once you decide to do it, is actually quite simple. (Saving it is a whole other story) In case you’ve overspent and are dangerously close to ruining the holidays (or might just want to make some extra cash) here are the steps to take to making money the easy* way:

Commit some time

If you want to make $1,000 (or any amount, for that matter) you need to believe that you can do it and be willing to commit to the time and energy required to pull it off. Whether you work 40 hours a week or 80, decide how much of your spare time you’re willing to invest in your money-making plan. It might require that you give up part of your weekend, a few hours of sleep, or your lunch break for the next month. Once you land on a number, create a mental block for that time.

Evaluate your skills

If you think outside the box, you’ll see that in your possession are a number of ideas and things that people would be willing to pay money for if you put it out there.

From a skills perspective, maybe you’re extremely organized and thrive on helping others pull off events in tight timelines. Or, maybe you’ve got a knack for writing resumes and can help others re-frame their experiences to get jobs they really want. From an assets perspective, maybe you have a lot of designer shoes and purses sitting in the back of your closet that belong with people who would appreciate and wear them. Instead of focusing on making money, spend time considering  what you have that can help someone else – I guarantee you’ll come up with a list of great ideas.


Choose your most in-demand options

Let’s say you’ve come up with a list of five different skills and assets that you think other people would want enough to spend their hard-earned money. To figure out which of those would make you the most money for the time you’re willing to invest, start doing some research. Check local classifieds, and other services-for-sale sites to understand what the going rate is for what you’re trying to do. You can also contact established businesses and (professionally) request to come on as an independent contractor or freelancer for a set period of time and compensation.

After researching what you can realistically charge, choose the options with the highest returns and least amount of time investment.

Make a 30-day plan

If you’re going with a five-hours-per-week time investment, plan out those hours strategically to maximize your earnings – for example, if you can earn $100 flat rate as a resume writer, $25 per hour as a personal assistant, and  $30 per day as pet sitter, why not do two of them at the same time? Plan your personal assistant duties around pet walks and figure out the number of resumes you’ll need to write to make enough to hit your goal.

Let’s start!

Once you’ve got your plan laid out, just follow the steps. My $1,500-in-two-weeks plan was to sell designer bags, shoes and clothing on eBay. I spent one day selecting, photographing, pricing and posting my wares to eBay and another day packing and shipping. Aside from responding to a few inquiries for measurements or additional pictures, that’s all it took, and was well worth the return. Now if I had also been pet sitting and writing copy for commercial Web sites at the same time, I could have made double that with just a little extra effort in that same time frame…

Do you have any strategies for earning extra money on the side? We’d love to hear them!

By Colleen Bordeaux

  1. Selling things on eBay is always a great way to make a quick buck. But you’re right about being organised in order to get the maximum profit x

  2. Great tips there…I’m on a 2016 savings budget and having a big clear out as I’ve got a lot of shoes that I don’t use.


    Around the World in 80 Pairs of Shoes

  3. Love these ideas, now time to evaluate my skills!

    Lennae xxx

  4. I always work extra hours to earn extra. But these tips are gonna help me to structure & properly plan how many hours i wanna do & hownmuch that will generate. Thank you❤

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