It’s Never Too Late: How To Make More Friends This Year

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to evaluate friendships, so this year maybe it’s time to check out from those not-too-healthy friendships and engage in some new ones.

We’ve got all the tips you need on how to make some awesome new friends this year, as well as how to keep them!

1. Be bold

The best way to make new friends is not to be shy when it comes to connecting. Networking is hard, but luckily for us we can now tweet like minded people and make friends over the internet. Don’t overlook the people you spend a lot of time talking to, either. The nicest people are most likely hiding under your nose.

2. Discover a new passion

Joining a new group or starting a new hobby is a guaranteed way to make friends! When you need advice or want to share what you’re up to, there are so many forums and groups you can join to share your experiences! Get Googling!

3. Re-kindle an old friendship

Remember your BFF from high school? Ever wonder what she’s up to now? Get back in touch and meet up for a coffee – you might just kick off where you left off! Thanks to Facebook it’s easier than ever to connect with old friends!

4. Positivity

Keeping a positive mind and living with a positive attitude will honestly attract people to you – as insane as it sounds, most people don’t want to be friends with a grump! Keeping an open mind and taking every day as it comes will open up your life to so many more opportunities!

5. Family is for life

You might not get on too well with your parents or your siblings, but trust us when we say they can make the best type of friends.

Family members are certainly frustrating (and hilariously annoying) at times, but they are the type of friends you will never lose. You can move on from a friendship but family is for life!

6. Be grateful

Unbeknown to you, you may already have some pretty special people in your life. Just because you don’t see them, don’t hear from there or don’t text as much as you’d like, the best type of friends are those you don’t have to be in constant touch with.

Seeing someone once a month and having an amazing time is better than having a million friends who are only OK.

Cherish those around you – its better to have 3 loyal and true friends than 15 average ones.

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