This Is How You Make Yourself Invaluable At A Company

photo: Take Aim

If you love your job, you’ll never want to leave, but you don’t want to get stuck either. So you need to grow with your role and become an integral part of the team.

Do you turn up to work and do the minimum or do you know what your boss wants from you? Most people are unsure how to make themselves an integral member of the team, so here’s how to make your boss want to keep you forever!

1. Be totally independent

Shocker. Being independent is an amazing quality, if you’re able to take a task and go with it without needing supervision, you’re onto a winner. Obviously, we’re not saying be lonely or isolated, but an ability to hold yourself accountable is amazing.

Set yourself a to-do list when you walk through the door and tackle any questions or problems as soon as you can.

2. But don’t avoid help

Sometimes you need help, if you aren’t sure of a procedure, ask. Don’t struggle in silence until someone notices you’re doing it all wrong, nobody will be upset with you if you interrupt and ask for guidance, it’s so much better to actually ask when you’re struggling.

3. Take note of feedback

Feedback and criticism can be hard to swallow sometimes, but if you take note of it and aim to improve, you’ll be a favorite. If they’re getting specific, ask if you can take notes, this will show them you’re taking it as constructive criticism, not a personal attack, plus it helps you to work on your weaknesses.

4. Be adaptable

Trust me, we’re taking notes of how you handle stuff. If you get an opportunity and something is thrown at you, we’re really impressed if you can handle it without panicking. Adaptability is awesome!

5. Put yourself out there

Be proactive, too, if you feel like you’re running out of tasks – just ask if there’s anything you can do or any other tasks you can take on, also make sure everyone knows how dedicated you are. This is the best way to get more responsibilities and become an invaluable member of the team! If you’re eager to do the tasks other people ignore, your boss will love you!

6. Be Positive

We know it’s hard to always be upbeat when it comes to work, but your boss will love you for it! Maintain a cheerful, friendly, can-do attitude so your interactions are always positive. Never allow whatever’s going on with your personal life or work life to affect your mood around your boss.


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  • Abigail Alice

    These are greta pieces of advice, thanks for sharing!

    Abigail Alice x

  • AnonimousLady

    good advice though you have to really evaluate the company you work for and see if it’s worth being that invaluable there! From my experience i switch jobs not long ago thinking that i would go for a better place, truth is it’s so bad that my contract finishes in january and i’m getting out sooner… be aware of your decisions!

  • Maddie

    This is such vague, cheap, low quality content. Why I clicked I have no idea.

    • Hi Maddie, I am sorry you felt that way. We always appreciate constructive criticism.
      If you think, you have better ideas. Please send an email to [email protected]

      • Maddie

        Sorry – that was not particularly constructive. My issue with posts like this is that they’re supposed to be aimed at ‘career girls’, ie women like me, but the points here are all very basic and very obvious to anyone with a job. It doesn’t really bring anything new or useful to the table in my opinion, which is a shame because a genuinely useful online resource for career advice would be very valuable.

        • Hey Maddie,
          Thanks for the feedback. When I was writing this post I was trying to think about people who’d first joined a company or maybe were interning but you’re right that for those of us already with our foot in the door we need more in-depth advice. Sorry that this post didn’t speak to you. I’ll keep your comments in mind during our editorial meeting today! Thanks!

          • Claudia

            A tip would be then to add to the title that it is for beginners or new employees etc. Because when already having your foot in the door, the importance of setting boundaries and saying no with confidence are also becoming very important, as to avoid burnout. Work life balance etc etc.

            Being yourself is also very important, if a company doesn’t like you for being more quiet than the rest, say, because you are an introvert, the advice of putting yourself out there is a bit “simple”.

            And always being happy and cheerful around your boss is fake. I’m not saying that you should bring every little problem to work, but if a serious matter is happening in your personal life, the being honest with your boss is crucial. A good boss can show some compassion and just telling them will give relief and can actually benefit your productivity (if you feel supported).

            It kinda feels you’re creating robots with these lists.

            Anyway, personally I’m growing a bit weary of all these posts with ” lists” that have standard things that everyone already knows. So I’m not your target, I guess.