How To Make Your Life Simpler In Just A Few Steps



If there’s one thing we definitely know, it’s that life can be a little complicated sometimes.

Am I right? We’ve all had those moments, where we are totally unorganized and need to make everything simpler.

And don’t worry, I’ve been there! No one is completely perfect. But, once you realize everything in life doesn’t come simply, then you can spend your time working smarter to change that.

But if you’re in need of some tips, which we all sometimes do then use this list and these strategies to really smash your life:



Sort your inbox out for once and for all

Emails are the banes of all our lives. Whilst, there can be some promising things inside some of them, there’s no joy when we’re working our way through our inbox.

The one thing I found that made this better was organizing my inbox once and for all. Group all your emails into folders, create color systems and delete any emails you’re not interested in straight away.

And don’t worry, you can keep your inbox clean with some easy plugins and apps. My favorite to use is Organizer, which does all my organizing for me so I can sit back and relax.



Keep your friends close 

I don’t know about you, but if you’re anything like me you have thousands of friends on Facebook, most of whom you don’t ever interact with or sometimes even know!

So, keep your feed clean, and keep your friends close! Get rid of everyone that doesn’t matter to you or you’re not interested in. That way when you go to your social it will be much more decluttered with things you actually want to see and will be more worth your while.



Prepare your lunches in advance

On Sundays Cameron Diaz prepares and plans her meals for the week. So, take a leaf from her book and do some preparing of your own.

Lack of planning will lead you to purchase food only when you’re hungry, which is not good for your health goals. Plan ahead and even save yourself some money by taking out the hard thinking by preparing beforehand.



Organize your outfits

The one thing I found that really helped me make life simpler was by preparing and planning my outfits on a Sunday.

Because if you’re anything like me, you’re always running around in the morning like a headless chicken searching for something to wear!

Avoid all of this by planning your outfits, you can even take a photo of you wearing those outfits and create a catalog to help you choose better. Or just get super organized with your wardrobe with some tags!



Don’t settle for less than wow

I bet you’re always invited to go here, there and everywhere. But unfortunately, we can’t say yes to everything. And how do you know what you’re saying yes to is the right thing?

You should only say yes to the things that really excite you and doesn’t make you feel less than WOW!

That way your process of selection will be on point and you’ll be simplifying your social life at the same time.


Get up a little earlier than usual

Getting up twenty minutes earlier than you usually do will actually help lower your stress levels.

You would have spent the morning waking up properly and taking things slow. You’ll find that you’ll actually have more of a productive day this way too. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself!



Pick a slot for emails

If I don’t schedule a time of day to work through my emails then my whole day would be taken up by them.

You have to only work with what’s important. You can scan your inbox for the reply you’ve been waiting for, but you don’t have to respond to all of the other ones.

It’s best to prioritize and stick to a time slot to reply to all the emails you can. Otherwise, you’ll never really get anything done!


Do one thing at a time

You may be a major multitasker, but that doesn’t exactly simplify things.

Tick off your tasks one by one, and give your full attention to each of them. That way you’ll be succeeding in all of your tasks and actually ticking off more than you usually would.


Give everything a home

Take a leaf from my book and assign everything a home. It’s organization heaven.

I don’t like anything being left out or hanging around, so every object has it place where it lives and where it should be returned to after using.

This will declutter your life and keep your brain productive and organized.

10. Do the 80/20 challenge

This one is an interesting one. It follows the principle that you should not spend your time worrying about something that is out of your control.

Instead, spend 20% of that time dwelling on it and stressing out. But then spend the rest of the 80% working on a solution.

Mistakes happen, but it’s how you bounce back that’s important.



Are you looking to make your life simpler? Share with me below, maybe I can give you some more tips! 



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