How To Make Quality Time For Your Friends When You’re Incredibly Busy

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With a busy workload, a tight schedule and never a spare moment to yourself it’s no wonder when you do eventually get a second to breathe, all you really want is to cosy up on the sofa and binge on Gossip Girl repeats. As tempting as this sounds, friends are precious and the benefits of spending quality time with them are far greater than those you can get from watching Netflix (even if you don’t want to believe it, you secretly know it’s true). We know how important a phone call is, just read our article to find out what it could do for you and put down WhatsApp.


We all know that feeling of relief when your friend has to cancel last minute! If leaving the house and spending more money that you don’t have isn’t really ideal then try a night in instead. Get the girls to bring a bottle and order in some food, it makes the perfect evening and you can even wear your onesie! We’ve got some picks of TV shows you can binge on with your besties too.



Check out some group classes that you and your besties can sign up for together, having a regular weekly slot to exercise and spend time with a friend will make it so much easier to regularly hang out. If there isn’t one day where you are always free then why not go walking together, you can still reap huge benefits and can have a good gossip whilst doing so. In fact, socializing and exercising are two things that all successful people do, click here to find out why!


It can be hard to juggle multiple friendships from different social groups but you could always try bringing them all together for a girls night. A fun activity like bowling can make things much less awkward and allows your different friends to come together, that way no one is left out and who knows, they may all get on like a house on fire. Find out how your networking with your girl squad could help you get a job here.


We all rely far too much on our phones to keep up to date with our friends but using facebook to get the down low on their lives and remind us on their birthdays isn’t exactly providing the quality time you or your friends deserve. By banning the constant messaging and status updates it will make you feel much more inclined to put down the phone and meet up face to face. Plus, putting your phone down is actually the key to success, find out why here.

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    Realy good article. Im trying to spend some time with my friends but not always i got time for them. Working together its a realy good idea.

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    Very nice post

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    Awesome article! I especially like the suggestion of a girl night in, those always turn out to be super fun! 😊

  • Diana Youn

    Great article! I’m not too much of a phone person but this is something I really want to start doing more often with my girlfriends :P

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  • Veronica Beran (thevbchic)

    This is great! Love the idea of working out and socializing at the same time. :) With our busy schedules, combining two things that are good for us is so effective.