5 Easy Office Makeup Looks That’ll Make You Look Polished


In the workplace, we all want to stand out. But we obviously want to stand out for the right reasons and not because we were that girl who wore bright orange lipstick to the office. And when it comes to growing in our chosen fields you wouldn’t expect that your look could be the one thing holding you back. First impressions are usually lasting ones, so it’s really important your makeup looks for the office reflect the ambitious, go-getter you are. But, we’re not all beauty bloggers and we don’t always get it right! That’s why we’ve compiled some office appropriate looks that are not only easy to pull off but are flawless too:

1. Less is more



It’s the effortless but made-up look that we all try to achieve. And you can achieve this by choosing to focus on one key area on your face. If you like to wear colors like red on your lips I would advise to not apply too much product, if any, to your eyes. You can add sophistication to this look by focusing on your cheeks and lips, remembering of course not to overdo it.


Get the look: 



Clinique Pop Lip Shadow Cushion Matte Lip Powder $17 available here

Use this balm to achieve a tinted red lip that won’t be as OTT as wearing a bright red lipstick. Use it to tint your lips just slightly to give you that natural finish.





Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand – Spotlight $29 available here

There are a lot of highlighters on the market that do wonderful things, but for a subtle dewy look, I would recommend this one for that flawless finish. I would also suggest adding some coconut oil where you highlight to really create that natural highlighted look.



3D BROWtones Instant Color Highlights $24 available here

I’ve tried almost every eyebrow product on the market and for everyday, natural brows with ease this one really is the best. The brush will comb your eyebrows making sure they’re perfectly groomed and filled in naturally.



2. Smoke it up

















Smokey eyes are usually a no-go in the office, but trust me, if you use subtle brown shades you can get away with it. Because all it will do is add definition to your eyes which gives more of a natural look. But in order for this to work, you cannot do anything too overpowering with your lips.


Get the look:

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Match Stick Trio $54 available here

As soon advice these launched everyone went crazy for them and there’s good reason why. They’re perfect for creating the above look. If you’re not a contouring expert don’t worry, they’re designed to make it easy to contour, highlight and conceal. And plus, have you ever seen a contouring kit like this?



Charlotte Tilbury ‘Luxury Palette’ Colour-Coded Eyeshadow Palette – The Golden Goddess $53 available here

This eyeshadow palette is perfect for taking your look from desk to evening. You can use the combination of shades to create that subtle smokey eye. And come five pm you can mix in the darker colors to create that perfect evening look.




Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm $17.50 available here

Don’t color your lips as much as you would do with a lipstick. Just put a couple of strokes of this on and smudge your lips together. This will give you a touch of color that can pass as your natural lip shade.



3. Winter-proof lips



I, for one, love a darker lip in the colder, winter months. And the one way you can get away with this is if you lighten up your eye area, which will trick the office into thinking you’re using very minimal makeup. This is a strong look that’s not too much and still quite natural-looking.

Get the look:


Anastasia Beverley Hills Liquid Lipstick – Vamp $20 available here

This will be your statement piece of the look. And you can do as much or little as your comfortable with. I’d advise to fully fill in your lips to add strength to your look. Add a bit of highlighter at the top of your lip to pull it together.




Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer $30 available here

Always add a touch of concealer onto your eyelids and in the corners of your eyes before you apply eyeshadow. This will make application easier and longer lasting whilst also lightening up your eyes as a base. Make sure to go for a color just a little lighter than your skin tone for your concealer to really brighten the eye.




Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder Eye Metals – Gold $45 available here

Simply add touches of this shadow into the corner and creases of your eye to really lift it. Don’t cover your whole eyelid, but be generous in the areas pictured above.



4. Go for the natural look


The same rule applies, by keeping it minimal and focussing on only one area. This look focuses on the lips, letting them bring vibrancy to your outfit. Whilst simple mascara, perfectly drawn eyebrows and a little bit of highlight brings the whole look together. It will give you a strong look without looking like too much.


Get the look:


Fenty Beauty by Rihanna $34 Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation available here

There’s a reason everyone’s been talking about this foundation as it will really give you that flawless finish whilst not being ‘cakey’. The foundation is perfectly designed for all skin tones, which means it really is perfect for everyone.



Burberry Beauty Effortless Eyebrow Definer $33 available here

You’ll really want to define your brows with this look. But be light with the pencil so you don’t get that drawn on look. Instead, draw soft strokes as if you are drawing individual hairs.



Tom Ford Lip Color Matte – Black Dahlia $54 available here

Tom Ford lipstick collection is really one to dream over. And this one is perfect for strong, matte lips. The color is perfect for the season and is not too dramatic, but rather sophisticated.



5. Glow it up


Light pinks have been my favorite office looks the past few months. By doing it right you can really use a lot more and get away with it in the office. It will give you this fresh-faced look allowing you to focus on both lips and eyes, which you wouldn’t be able to do with other brighter, darker colors.


Get the look:


Charlotte Tilbury ‘Luxury Palette’ Colour-Coded Eyeshadow Palette – The Glamour Muse $53 available here

This palette is probably one of my most used. The range has other pink ones which are just as brilliant too. But for this look, we need these shades of pink to work together to create a soft, light look. Mix the first two together and don’t be afraid to use the whole eyelid for this.



Kevyn Aucoin The Pure Powder Glow – Helena $37 available here

You don’t want to go crazy with the blush,  you just want a touch on your cheeks to balance your eyeshadow. Everyone should apply their blush different depending on their face shape. For example, if you have a round face like me, then add a touch to the center of your cheeks.



By Terry Baume De Rose Nutri-Couleur – Rosy Babe $56 available here

And to complete the look, add a touch of this to your finger and spread across your lips like a balm. It will add the slightest of color to your lips without being too much at all.



Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below


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