How To Manage Your Projects Like A Boss

We all multi-task, from sending a text whilst working out at the gym, prepping dinner in front of the latest episode of Parks and Recs, or snapping your meal in the restaurant instead of chatting to your friends. You may pretend this one wasn’t you, but we’ve seen your Instagram, we all do it. Multi-tasking is useful, but it also makes everything we do far more confusing and chaotic. So here’s how to manage projects like a boss, even when you’re drowning in work.

Track your time

If you give yourself a limitless pool of time to complete your tasks, chances are you just won’t get them done. According to Parkinson’s Law, if you give yourself a short, specific deadline, your mind will focus on getting the job done in time. And if you don’t? You’ll end up procrastinating to endless hours of Youtube videos and questionable internet-reading. Make the most of your time after work with these key tips!

Re-jig your to-do List

I love to-do lists, so much so that I’m honestly surprised I wasn’t born with pen and checklist in hand! What I’ve learnt with list-making is that having a daily to-do list with twenty items on it doesn’t work. Your mind will fog over with boredom and confusion. Instead, keep two to-do lists: one containing every single task you need to complete, and a second, more immediate one. The second list could be your ‘Day’ list, where you prioritize and as you cross things off, you can add more tasks from the bigger, incomprehensible one. Here’s why lists are so important to success.

Set yourself realistic deadlines

This one is pretty self-explanatory. We know you love doing a hundred and one things, but please give yourself the time to do them all, and don’t under-estimate how long these tasks will take you. Time management is a skill we’ve all got to practice, these are 5 lessons you need to master!

Negotiate non-urgent deadlines

It can be hard to say no to people, particularly when they’re really excited to work with you, but it’s extremely important to be honest with yourself. If it isn’t urgent, try to get an extension, so you can focus on essential tasks first. The future you will thank you for it!

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  1. What you wrote about negotiating non-urgent deadlines is so key! Knowing your limit and setting boundaries is such an important part of setting yourself up for success and avoiding burnout. Great post!

  2. Love this! Setting deadlines is definitely helpful!

    Audra |

  3. i love making to do lists and color coding also helps a lot. great tips!

  4. Hi Grace! I totally agree, I think setting deadlines and actually following through is incredibly important! Rashina xx

  5. Agreed- I think it’s something people are always a little afraid to do but absolutely crucial in focusing on the right, urgent tasks! I really respect people who know how much time they have and when they can realistically take on projects and I think we totally need to draw inspiration from this method! Rashina xxx

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