How To Manage Your Time Effectively

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I can pull off the facade of being organized, but that only gets me so far. I’ve got the planners, my to-do list is ready, but what next? With too many things to do in the day, and not enough hours how are you expected to complete it all? The truth is you don’t, things get moved to do a different list for a different day, but somehow it’s the end of the week and you’re still no closer. All you need to know is how to manage your time, and I’ll show you some tips for you to do it effectively!

1. Stop procrastinating

I’m always in my head, so if I’m not criticizing then I’m wasting time convincing myself that I haven’t got the energy to start a certain task. Just do it.

Use the Eisenhower method

Now that you’ve stopped procrastinating focus yourself on a task you want to work on, regardless of the length. The perfect place to start is prioritizing your tasks. Start by putting them into categories:




Not important

Do your urgent and important tasks first, and then work your way through non-urgent, and eventually not important! You’ll see your day moving a lot quicker, and easier.

2. The Pomodoro technique

The technique involves taking your tasks and putting a twenty-five-minute timer on them. Once the time is completed you take a short break away from your task. And then continue again and again. It will keep you inspired, and help you have a clear head.  It can increase productivity by sharpening your focus, which means you won’t be spending too long on a certain piece of work.

3. Block out the distractions

Stay away from Facebook, and all social media altogether.  If you must, wait till your lunch break to catch up on Instagram’s latest. But when trying to knuckle down just put your devices to the side. We managed without them once upon a time…

4. Keep yourself on track with an app

There are many apps that will help you maximize productivity, and do all the menial bits you simply haven’t got the time to do. Toggl is a good app to point out where you’re wasting your time. It will keep track of all your team’s projects and focuses on improving productivity and accuracy. Remember The Milk is good if you’re forgetful like me, there’s nothing worse when you remember something you should have done hours ago! But, no more, the app will send you reminders, even text messages!

5. Take advantage of your spare time

Now I’m not talking about cramming in your work on a Sunday. I’m talking about actual spare parts of time where we could be doing something. Take your commute, for example, I use my commute for almost everything – and it helps me get loads of work done. I’ve even written an article on the way into work that I had no time to fit in during the day. Fill the gaps!


What takes up most of your time? 

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  • Kristel

    Very helpful article! I really struggle sometimes with managing my time, especially as a busy college student. Thanks for sharing! :)

  • Amy M

    I think Instagram is my biggest distraction, definitely need to put my phone aside more often haha ♥

    Amy // Snippets of Amy


    This is a great post.. we spend too much time writing to do lists instead of doing them (I’m guilty too!). The little combos of where you spend your day will end up being a large chunk of time that you have to get stuff done!

  • MILA

    wow i didn’t know there were these amazing techniques! deffo using them soon! the only thing left to figure out is how to find energy to get myself on track! haha

    ❤ Mila

    || ||