How To Master The Most Difficult Parts Of Being An Adult

Becoming an adult seems like such a daunting process, but it’s essentially what your twenties are for. It’s about learning and growing until you’re the person you want to be and ready to live life responsibly for yourself.

We’ve selected five of the hardest features involved in transitioning to adulthood and how best to master them.

1 Being a Good Email Communicator

Email is one of the most frequent means of communication in present-day business. To be a good email communicator you need to be able to access your emails easily and respond quickly.

As an adult, your inbox should no longer be a place for subscription emails from your favourite brands notifying you about their latest promotional offer; it should be a place for rapid communication and informative exchanges of information with various colleagues and business associates. To avoid wading through hundreds of irrelevant emails, the best solution is to unsubscribe from anything that isn’t work-related.

Once you’ve solved the problem of accessing your emails, you need to have a quick email response time. As hard-working girls who are constantly on the move, we are always using our phones. So by getting our emails sent directly to our phones, we can reply on the move, just as quickly as we text!

2 Scheduling 

As an adult, you have a huge number of responsibilities and it’s hugely important to prioritise them. The best way to do this is through the art of scheduling. The CGD team are avid-schedulers and it’s an absolutely essential process involved in running CGD. The best way to schedule is to arrange tasks in order of importance and complete them one after the other. It’s so easy to put off a task, but once you’ve done it, you can relax and avoid feeling guilty for not having done it.

We always start with the easiest tasks and finish with the most arduous, hated things. But if you start off by doing your least favourite tasks, moving on to the easier tasks will make your day go much smoother!

3 Cooking

When I moved out, I was absolutely clueless about cooking and hadn’t the faintest idea how to make even the simplest of meals. Luckily for me, my family made me an adorable recipe book which contained a collection of recipes for everything from a simple pasta dish to a full blown roast dinner. In all honesty, I never thought I’d use it, but as time’s gone on, it’s been an absolute life saver.

Be proactive and make your own. Collect recipes from family members and get them to show you how to make them. You’ll be surprised just how happy people will be to teach you their recipes. Once you’ve learnt how to make a good collection of recipes, you can make them in bulk and freeze them. When you’ve had a  busy day, sometimes cooking is the last thing on your mind; popping a homemade ready meal in the microwave is much quicker than starting from scratch and much more tasty than a shop-bought meal.

4 Moving Forward 

Another huge aspect of becoming an adult is accepting what’s happened and moving forward. It seems like such a minor thing, but it’s such a huge part of maturing. It’s a waste of time to focus on the past or worry about the future; you should be living in the present and soaking up every moment. If something negative happens, the important thing is to move on, stay motivated and success will come to you.

5 Being Confident 

As an adult, there is no time to be insecure. You’ve made it this far and that’s amazing. There’s no time to worry about impressing anyone; while you’re young you need to be making contacts, having fun and working on getting yourself where you want to be. If you need a confidence boost whack on some heels and some lippy, and take on the day like a real career girl. Do you need more help with confidence at work? Why not try power dressing?

6 Managing money

Managing money is hard, especially when you’re only just becoming responsible for your own finances. Don’t worry, saving responsibly (and spending when you need to) can be fun and easy. Here’s how to be better with money within one week, or if you’re really concerned about money here are some of the money worries of successful women!

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    Perfect advice, moving forward is such a vital point!

    Hannah | Oh January

  • Tatiana

    Such a great post! The most challenging for me is probably moving forward, and not dwelling too much about the past or worrying about the future. I’m trying to train my mind to stay in the present moment and make the most of what’s in front of me.

  • Ain Nabila

    I’m trying to improve myself with all the list above, but I just can’t seem to start cooking! Great post!

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