The Meal Prepping Technique That Will Become Your New Obsession


We’ve all been there; late hours at the office, after-work events and evening workouts, only to arrive at home starved and not happy that you don’t have a personal chef on call.

Today’s busy bee (even if you aren’t in Beyonce’s official beehive) is dog tired with no real time to whip up a healthy meal. But did you know that prepping meals at home could lead to healthier food choices and cleaner eating? Even with an insane schedule, I learned that prepping meals at home prevents me from giving into that intense gravitation pull towards the pizza menu stuffed in my kitchen drawer somewhere.

Success in life is all about being strategic and planning ahead and therefore there is something for every busy girl.

Chop or vegge-tize your veggies in advance

To avoid wasting valuable minutes on weeknights, try prepping your raw veggies in advance. By the way, if you don’t have a Veggetti in your kitchen then my friend, you are missing out – BIG time! You can store most vegetables in sealed containers or plastic bags for 2-5 days. Therefore, if you are a veggie lover or don’t want to cook and store your meals in advance, give it a go.

The meals that just keep on giving

Some meals you can make in big batches such as stew, chilli, soup, and meat. Therefore, plan a main dish recipe that can be used for different meals. For instance, a roasted chicken can be accompanied by veggies for dinner, sandwich for lunch, shredding in a salad or chopped for a stew. And the chicken bone can be boiled down to make a delicious stock, which can be used to make a tasty chicken soup or a creamy risotto.

The slow cooker can be your BFF

Slow cookers (or crock pots, depending on your locale) are the hottest things since Kyle Jenner’s lip kit. Why? It cooks meals slow and without any assistance! You don’t have to wait for the pot to boil and you don’t even have to stir ingredients so they don’t burn. Throw all your ingredients in the cooker and a bit of water, then set the temperature and go about your day.

Sunday prep day

I have a friend with a family of four who prepares all of the family meals for the week on Sundays. As a wife, mom, business owner and community activist, her days start at 5am and ends 10 hours later. Sunday meal prepping can be a little time consuming but she swore the sacrifice was worth it. Meals are ready to be heated and eaten within minutes when she or her husband arrives home.

As a single woman on-the-go I gave it a try and now I’m well and truly hooked. Your meals can just be kept in whatever it was cooked in or in a Tupperware box in the fridge. Or you can freeze batches, most dishes keep up to three months in the freezer. Just take them out the night before to defrost!

Just get a personal chef

Meal delivery services like Hello Fresh are popping up everywhere and I honestly can swear by them. Although I would love to cook up fresh meals on my own after spending time in the grocer, to return home to sauté, peel and chop; realistically some weeks I just can’t. Having fresh ingredients delivered to my door on a day I choose with some delicious and easy recipes to follow makes me feel like a queen with a chef on call.

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