6 Health Checks Every Woman Should Get

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Regular check-ups aren’t just for kids; grown women need to take care of themselves too! The best way to stay in tip-top shape is to check in regularly with the health experts and not the internet! This way you ensure that you don’t have bigger health issues later on.

We all know that we’re supposed to exercise and eat right to maintain our health. But we don’t talk about actually getting checked up. So what checks do women ideally need to get done? The top six checks you should be aware of are:

1. A pap smear

You should start getting pap smears a soon as you’re able. Depending on where you live the age limit is different. Every two years you should go to the doctor to check for any abnormalities with your reproductive system. Getting your check for cervical cancer is so important! Even if you’ve had the HPV vaccine, you should have this check once every three years.

2. A dental check

When you smile for the camera you want your teeth to shine! Keep your pearly whites healthy by checking in with your dentist! Regular check-ups will lessen your chances of developing cavities and needing more serious (and expensive) work done later on. Realistically you should be getting your teeth checked every 6 months to look for early signs of tooth decay or gum disease.

3. STDs

It might mean going to a special clinic, but if you’re sexually active, getting tested for STDs is a must—for yourself and for future partners! I know you probably feel embarrassed, but there’s nothing embarrassing about taking a pride in your health. So take comfort in that! Getting checked after every partner is preferred, but if you can’t do that, go at least once a year! It’s better to be safe than sorry!

4. Blood pressure

You should definitely get this checked once every three years, but if you’re on the birth control pill, once every six months is a good idea (as this can lead to increase in blood pressure). High or low blood pressure can indicate a number of problems, so it’s best to know if your blood pressure isn’t normal. If your blood pressure is too low or too high you can always find solutions such as iron pills or cutting down on sugar or salt, depending on your situation.

5. An eye exam

Don’t let blurred vision ruin your life! Check in with your optometrist regularly to ensure your eyes get the help that they need. Glasses can be an added bonus to your accessories collection, in all shapes and colors, either that, or contacts are available!

6. Mammogram

Mammograms are screenings for breast cancer, you should be checking yourself regularly for lumps, but you should also be getting a full scan by a professional every two years if you’re over fifty, ideally starting at forty just to be safe. But women aged twenty and over should also be getting clinical breast exams at least every three years until they reach the age of forty.

What are you waiting for, you spend so much time and effort in eating right and your skin care routine, get booking those appointments to start looking after your insides too!


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  • Meg

    Another important check up is for digestive system health. My practitioner now includes this as part of my annual well-woman exam (along with my pap) and is covered 100% as part of wellness exam by my insurance carrier.