Meet Draping – The New Contour Trend You Need To Try This Summer


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The trends for shaping your face with makeup seem to be never ending. We’ve seen contouring, non-touring and strobing, but with everyone (including Kim K herself) seemingly over contouring, we introduce to you the latest technique taking over the beauty industry – with Gilbert Soliz (the global makeup artist for Marc Jacobs) claiming it’s ‘the new way to blush’.


What is it?
‘Draping’ involves using two shades of blush to sculpt out the cheekbone. And while it sounds scary and is definitely a statement look, it’s also a very pretty alternative to contouring to try out this summer.

Although the terminology may be new, the technique certainly isn’t. The application is reminiscent of 70s blush placement, pioneered by leading makeup artist of the time, Way Bandy. Marc Jacobs has created a more wearable take on the trend. And with the correct application and products, the finished result is a healthy, glowing flush – not the scary clown face I’m sure you’re picturing! We promise!


Sculpting Glow: to achieve the look, use #AirBlush in the deeper shade of Flesh & Fantasy. Apply it just below the apples of the cheeks, low on the face to counterbalance roundness and create a visual oval. Swirl the lighter shade on top to blend away the edges. Look created by #MarcJacobsBeauty Global Makeup Artist, @gilbert_soliz.

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How To Drape?
So what is the key to application? The trick is in the product choice. You need to select two shades of blush. One deeper, matte shade which you will apply in the place of your contour, and a lighter shade with a little shimmer.

Pick colours that you know work well on your skin tone to ensure a natural finish. Berry shades look fabulous on dark skins. Peachy/honey shades work well on mid toned skin. While a dusky rose shade will flatter paler girls.

The technique itself is simple. Suck in your cheekbones, and sweep the deeper shade in the hollow, almost ‘cupping’ the apple of your cheek. Then switch your brush and apply the lighter shade to the apple of the cheek, sweeping up towards the cheekbone.



The Perfect Product
Make things super easy by picking a compact that contains two shades in one. Like the Nars Contour Blush in Paloma, or the Marc Jacobs’ Air Blush Soft Glow Duo. Both contain two complimentary cheek shades that can be worn separately or mixed for your own unique shade.

Your tool of choice should be a tapered contour brush, like Charlotte Tilbury’s Powder and Sculpt Brush. The tapered end is precise enough to carve out those cheekbones, yet fluffy enough to achieve a beautifully blended finish.


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