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Meet Eva Chen: Instagram’s New Head Of Fashion

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Instagram is the fickle friend of all career girls, we wish we had more followers, spend ages trying to get the perfect photo and after several failed attempts we end up sharing mundane selfies in the bathroom. For Eva Chen, Instagram is more than just a photo sharing site, it’s her future.

Eva Chen was studying as a pre-med student at John Hopkins University before she decided to divert into the world of fashion and undertake an internship at Harper’s Bazaar. The jump from medicine to fashion was a large one, but Eva felt that she had to do something that she loved.

Twinning with the mosaic mural in the @luckymagazine lobby in my new @peterpilotto dress!

A photo posted by Eva Chen (@evachen212) on

Most people would have been terrified of taking such a huge leap and changing areas but it worked for Eva, she started out assisting a host of top fashion editors and slowly worked her way up to health and beauty director at Teen Vogue. Eva’s quirky style, love of online conversations and exuberant energy comes across in all she does, so it was no wonder that magazines were falling over themselves to employ her.

She worked as beauty director for ten years, a dedication to the position that’s rarely shown, before she was appointed editor-in-chief of American fashion magazine Lucky by none other than Anna Wintour. When she wasn’t busy editing, dressing up or refining her beauty regime she was staying in contact with her social media followers through Twitter and Instagram. Proving that she was an incredibly visual person by putting together desirable images her thousands of followers loved littered with a slew of just perfect emojis that showed that it takes real talent to craft a great Instagram caption sometimes.

Throughout her whirlwind journey Eva maintained her down-to-earth attitude and laughed at the crazy world of fashion and journalism, even when she left Lucky and stepped down as editor-in-chief she remained positive, most people would have been riddled with doubts but Eva seems to have a clarity in vision and faith in her decisions that mean she finds success no matter where she goes.

That’s not to undermine all the hard work she does behind the scenes at every job she has, she is obviously a valued employee that knows exactly how much she is worth. But now she has something even more exciting in the pipeline, she is now joining Instagram as its head of fashion partnerships.

She told her 390,000 followers (and counting) with a statement that showed just how down-to-earth she is “Beyond excited to announce that I’ll be joining the brilliant team at Instagram as head of fashion partnerships!” Even a veteran in the publishing world can still be publicly excited and also be the queen of emojis.


✨✔️! Beyond excited to announce that I’ll be joining the brilliant team at Instagram as head of fashion partnerships! (Today being #worldemojiday is the best coincidence, yes! )


A photo posted by Eva Chen (@evachen212) on

We love Eva, and we also love the fact that Instagram is embracing fashion partnerships with such an amazing woman to them! Here’s to emojis, social media and Eva Chen!

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