Meet The Girl Who Went From Graduate Intern To Fashion Features Editor



Pandora Sykes is undeniably one of the coolest girls to be strutting the streets of London at the moment, as well as one of the nicest, wittiest and, importantly, one of the hardest working.

In a few short years she has gone from graduate intern, struggling to make a break into journalism, to The Sunday Times Style’s Wardrobe Mistress and Fashion Features Editor, with collaborations with some of the coolest brands under her belt. So here is her advice on how to make it in the fashion world from a recent interview with NakedPRGirl.


1. Read a lot

Pandora admits that succeeding in fashion can come down to luck, but says that in order to succeed, the luck must be ‘bolstered by hard work and determination.’ Read everything available to you, from magazines, to how to guides, always be researching and learning, and never give up!


2. Take every opportunity

We all know that working hard gets results, but Pandora believes in working smart as well as hard. She says “be the best version of yourself – don’t try and copy someone else, find your own USP and hone. Take every opportunity, work hard.” Keeping your goals in focus will help to keep you motivated and enthusiastic about opportunities that arise. Remember, all opportunities can lead to further open doors.


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photos: Yolke


3. Dress to impress

Pandora’s style is famously flamboyant, but she has some great advice for the most difficult sartorial situation: what to wear to an interview. She recommends going for an outfit that is “inoffensive, but quietly chic” and if you’re still struggling for what to wear you can get inspiration from Pandora’s interview attire; “a striped man’s cotton shirt, with navy culottes and some pointed black lace-up flats”.


pandora_sykes_harveynichols-20000101-1997-1  pandora_sykes_harveynichols-20000101-2129

photos: Pandora Sykes


4. Make realistic goals

Goals are vital in order to gauge successes and failures, and most importantly to keep motivated. But what is the point if your goals are so unrealistic you never reach them?  Unreachable goals or targets can actually hinder you because you never feel like you have achieved something, and you don’t set new targets. Goals must be reachable so that you can move on and continue setting relevant, realistic new targets. Pandora says ‘Be realistic about your goals and what you want from it, and the rest falls into place.’

So good luck Career Girls, go out and work for what you want!


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