Meet The Girl Who Went From Working At A Makeup Counter To A Celebrity Makeup Artist



Lora Arellano started her journey with makeup when she was a child. She loved playing with colors and makeup, just like any girl does. But she went from working at a makeup counter to becoming Rihanna’s MUA. I mean…goals?

I’ve been looking into her inspiring story this past week, and found this video from Nylon where she explains how she went from makeup counter girl to celebrity makeup artist, which just shows that anything can happen!

Working on a makeup counter was super easy for Lora, she says that sales were second nature to her because she was so passionate about the products she was selling, and sure enough she quickly earned promotions for her enthusiasm and a good attitude. But like most people, she became disillusioned with a management role and wanted to start her own company so she met her co-founder and started telling her about the dream.

Before she went ahead with it, though, she did something most of us do and consulted her dad. Most of us have a trusted mentor or family member to turn to when making huge decisions, and she knew that this was a seriously scary leap.

The second amazing thing to happen to her was that Rihanna followed her on Instagram. Rihanna is notoriously supportive of fans, some have even been having direct messages with her for years. And Rihanna liked her so much that she booked her!

Now Melt Cosmetics is one of those trusted brands that delivers amazing colors and products, and one that makeup enthusiasts and beauty lovers turn to again and again. All because Lora quit her job and made the leap to start something! If that isn’t motivation to follow your dreams, we don’t know what is!

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