Meet Sabrina Pasterski The Smartest Girl In The World

I find it amazing how many young and smart people are out there in the world who are thirsty for knowledge and willing to work in science. One of them who is getting more and more famous these days is Sabrina Gonzalez Pasterski, a Cuban girl from Chicago born in 1993. By now she has graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Harvard University and she is studying Quantum Physics. Today I have three reasons for you why this girl is quite awesome!

She was only 12 when she started building a single-engine plane.
Only two years later she would enter the MIT’s campus in order to seek approval for it. I find it amazing how young she was when she already knew that she had a passion for the science!

If you doubt that girls can be interested in physics as well, she’s there to prove you wrong.
Until today it’s still a stereotype that not many girls are interested in physics – but here we have a smart, young lady who’s showing all of us that you should not listen to stereotypes and just go for it!

She is different than other teens – and she’s staying true to herself!
In an article featuring her in the OZY, she reveals that she has never had a boyfriend so far and doesn’t use a cellphone, nor Instagram, Facebook or another social network. She has different interests and is not afraid to stick to them instead of adjusting to what the majority of people her age are interested in.