Meet The New Makeup Trend”Strobing”: A Natural Way Of Contouring

Meet The New Make Trend"Strobing": The Natural Way Of ContouringMeet strobing; the new contouring! Strobing is all about a natural and dewy look by enhancing your features with only a highlighter.This technique will make your face look radiant, fresh and healthy. No more tons of foundation and powder like contouring! Your face is actually able to breath! Perfect for girls who don’t like to apply tons of makeup! The best part? No layers and layers of makeup in the Summer heat.

Ok, so what do I need?

First prep your skin. A simple highlighter will do all the work for you. You’re aiming for a dewy look and healthy look. The most important step of strobing: highlighting all the right places. It’s all about brightening up your face. We absolutely love Paul & Joes’s highlighter!

How to strobe?

Highlight the places where the light naturally would hit you. Apply highlighter onto the apples of your cheeks, the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow to highlight the main areas of your face.  Apply highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes, your brow bone, your chin and the center of your forehead.  Check out this strobing tutorial from Nikkietutorials. Hands down the best beauty guru on Youtube!

What do you girls think of this new trend! We love it!