Meet The CGD Team: What’s In Our Bag?

I’m Celina, the co-founder and Creative Director of Career Girl Daily. I’m quite a busy bee so my bag usually contains everything I need to get me through the day. My average day starts at 7, I’ll go for a shower, do my makeup and grab a flat white and breakfast on the way to the office.

Because I’m so busy, I usually have a few bags with me. I bring my laptop bag, which isn’t the prettiest bag. I still need to find a ‘pretty’ one, but it contains all my gadgets, such as my iPhone 7, MacBook Pro, chargers, a USB stick,  my workout gear if I’m going to workout, and a smaller handbag if I’m going out after work. My favorite bags at the moment are the YSL bag and my beloved Gucci Marmont.

Celina wears H&M Floral Wrap Dress, Gucci Leather Belt, Layered Necklace, Oversized Gold Earrings. Saint Laurent Red Bag



3 things I couldn’t live without…

The three things that are essential in my life are a notebook, pen, and my laptop. I also have two notebooks, one is a daily planner where I keep everything organized, and the other is a notebook where I just write everything down freely. Because of my planning addiction, we’ve decided to create The Getting Things Done Planner which basically fulfills all my needs. I can create a daily to-do list but also schedules my personal life with this planner.

The beauty essentials in my handbag

I always have lip balm with me and my Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Pillow Talk. It’s a great color, it always stays on and it’s moisturizing so it’s just perfect. I also bring my blusher, my all time favorite is a limited edition from Suqqu, a concealer from Maybelline, setting powder from Laura Mercier, and a Charlotte Tilbury highlighter just to freshen up. But that usually depends on my after work plans. I always make sure to bring a perfume with me. It’s either the Tom Ford Noir perfume or the Molecule 01 fragrance. The Tom Ford is an unusual scent, it’s quite heavy and rich. Whereas the Molecule 01 scent is fresh and subtle, so it just depends on my mood.

A day in my life

A typical day for me: I come in, start the day with a team meeting. CGD, which is part of Girl Daily Media, has so much going on, sometimes we tend to forget that we only started 2 years ago. It has developed into a full-time flourishing business with a rapidly expanding team.

Things can get quite hectic and it’s really important for me to prioritize my tasks and communicate constantly with my team. Which can be about the CGD Shop that has recently launched, the CGD planner that has thousands of girls on the waiting list. And making sure our content goes up on time, editorial shoots, product development, and social media management.

It’s important for me to know what everyone is doing, as we always have deadlines. I spend my day designing, editing and managing our team so it’s quite busy and can get quite stressful at some point. In the recent year, I’ve learned to manage stressful situations by working out 3 days a week. I love going to barre classes, it’s amazing for your posture and bum. I also love to follow kickboxing classes, there’s nothing more relieving than to punch a boxing bag after a stressful day in the office. Plus the feeling after an intense workout is just priceless.

I also carefully watch what I eat. I love to drink a cup of detox tea before going to bed. And I recently started taking Neurozan Brain Performance Pills which contain specific ‘brain’ nutrients such as zinc, iodine, vitamin B12, B6.

Photographed by Career Girl Daily at The Dorsett Hotel. Makeup by Jana Pirosko.


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  1. Hi Celina,
    I also really enjoyed reading this post.
    I found your article positive and motivational – thank you for taking the time to write about your day.
    I love your ‘Getting Things Done’ book, as much as I live and breathe my computer I achieve so much more in a day by taking the time to write things down.

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