Meet The Girl Who Quit Her Day Job To Become A Super Successful Entrepreneur

Lots of us have that one big idea, the crazy business we dream of starting. It’s easy to let them just stay as dreams, so sometimes you need to be inspired by someone who took those dreams and made them a reality. Aranka van der Voorden did just that. She quit her day job and is now running two successful companies! But how did she do it?




Aranka is the CEO of #FITGIRLCODE and the owner of luxury sportswear brand Jogha. We are also excited to say she will be at our Career Girl Academy giving a talk about everything that led her to create a successful business.

So what will she be sharing?

How she quit her full-time job without financial security

Following your dreams can be scary, especially when you throw yourself into the deep end, and that is just what Aranka did.

She had the guts to quit her full-time job without any financial security and follow her dreams. During her talk, she will discuss the struggles she experienced, the things she would have done differently if she had to do it again (take notes) and how she managed to get where she is today.

How to find money to start a brand

One of the most difficult things about starting a business or launching a brand is finding the money to do it. Often, these dreams stay dreams because we can’t think about the money we’d need to make them a reality. But Aranka has been there and done it, so she’ll be sharing everything you need to know about finding funding.

How to make an online company successful

It’s not about starting, it’s about sustaining success. So how do you start something that people will love? And make it successful? Aranka has done that twice, once for #FITGIRLCODE and again for Jogha, so she knows the formula for success. She’ll be sharing the secrets of successful branding and the strategies that will get you to the next level.




So, are you excited to start working on your business plan? See Aranka’s talk on the 27th November at our Career Girl Academy! Tickets are available here.





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