Meet The Woman Who Earned Over $1 Million After Losing Everything


Natalie Jill was your average working mother. She worked in sales, which was a great career for her, leaving her traveling the world and having everything she wanted. She had worked hard. She was 40, a real career girl trying to juggle her newborn baby with her demanding, fast-paced career.

She took a voluntary demotion to look after her daughter, meaning a cut in pay and less travel. When the housing market crashed, she lost her home and her retirement fund. It was a stressful period, she gained weight and got a divorce. It sounds like a horror story, everything she worked for started crumbling around her. But she didn’t let it bring her down.

She decided to use her passion for fitness to create a business and started Natalie Jill Fitness in 2014! She used what she learned in sales to create an online company that helps people get on track with their fitness goals and inspires them to keep going.

So how did she turn rock bottom into a million-dollar business?

1. She found herself

“I couldn’t hide behind the expensive clothes, the big house, the charming husband, or the high power job anymore. Those things were gone and that left me as raw and exposed as it gets. Just ME, and nothing to hide behind.”

She felt like she had to strip herself of all the titles, wife, mother, friend, girlfriend, and find out who she was and what she wanted first and foremost. It’s important to be independent and believe in yourself to find out what you want.

2. She started a plan

“I put everything I knew into play – from goal setting to vision boards.”

She used a formula to first get herself in shape, and also to brainstorm the company she knew she wanted to launch. We know how important vision boards and goal setting is, it’s one of the things that helps you keep your goals in mind.

3. She held herself accountable

She became an ‘I can and I will’ person, instead of an ‘I could if I had time’ one.

She believes the I can and I will people don’t have a victim mentality, so she didn’t hold onto the terrible things that happened and instead gave herself measurable time frames and goals to achieve by picking them off one bit at a time.

4. She created a dream team

“I collect people in my life every day. When I meet positive, goal oriented, successful, happy, and energetic people…I WANT them in my life. I find ways to be around them.”

Not only did Natalie create her dream team by surrounding herself with positive people, she also became the kind of positive person she’d want to be around. This change of mindset and focus on surrounding herself with people who had a similar attitude helped her to nail down her business plan and start creating a fitness business people actually wanted to sign up to!

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  • Augustin Ra

    Wow. This is very inspiring. She really proved that when you put your mind to it, you’ll really achieve it. :)

    Augustin Ra • Indie Spirit
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  • Meg

    I love that is noted that she “held herself accountable” and had such great integrity. Inspiration!

  • Elizabeth@rosalilium

    I can and I will. I love that sentiment.