Meet The Woman Who Started A Multi-Million Pound Modeling Agency



We love inspiring stories from power women, and sometimes, we are lucky enough to meet those inspiring women in person!

Anna Shillinglaw is one of the inspiring women that we met through CGD, she founded the first plus size modeling agency in the UK in 2011 and now, 5 years later, is running a multi-million-pound modeling business. Can you imagine? We wanted to know what it takes to launch a successful company so we enlisted her to be one of our inspiring speakers at the Career Girl Academy.

During the morning session, she will tell you all about her journey, but it will also be very interactive so you’ll get the chance to ask her anything that you’ve always wanted to know about starting a business, finding your niche, her experiences from the past 5 years and anything else you’ve been wondering. This is the opportunity to pick the brain of a very successful entrepreneur and hopefully pick up some tips and tricks to adopt this mindset too.

So what makes Anna’s story so inspiring?


From Model To Entrepreneur

Anna started modeling when she was 17 and moved to New York for 7 years at 21. She was featured in the American Vogue and also became a Wonderbra girl. After quitting being a model, she decided to start her own agency in the UK. She used her own experiences to set up a business. She knows the ins and outs of the industry and was smart enough to turn that knowledge into a business.


Dare To Be Different

After being back in the UK, Anna realized there wasn’t a plus-size modeling agency in the UK yet. She founded the first one, MiLK Management, and is now at the forefront of bringing body diversity to the modeling industry and has one of the best curve modeling departments in the world. Her models are featured on covers like the Italian Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire.


How to fake it till you make it

Every entrepreneur knows, sometimes you have to fake it to make it. Anna didn’t start out in a fancy Soho office but in a small room, so had to come up with creative solutions when a client wanted to come over to meet in her office. Curious how she handled difficult situations like that?

One of the best ways to learn about building a business and being a boss is by asking the people who’ve already done it. So are you ready to take notes? See Anna’s talk on the 27th November at our Career Girl Academy! Tickets are almost sold out! Available here.


  • Amy Sewell

    As an entrepreneur in NYC in my 11th year of business, I love seeing your stories of women who identify a need in the marketplace – and fill it!